Europa 101…

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Arsenal welcomes FC Koln. today at the Emirates and let’s face facts over window dressing this – it’s not the ideal state to be in and contrary to popular belief – this club competition is not your Carabao Cup or another decorative trophy. We do not want to be in the Europa League, but we were more mediocre than the top 4 teams in England last season, so we deserve to be.

Games will be played on Thursday and most of the subsequent premier league games will be scheduled for Sunday. This schedule gets even more packed at the latter half of the season or “the business end” since we have other competitions like the FA Cup and the crucial Carabao Cup

The money aspect is minuscule as compared to the champions league. But winning the Europa League will give the winner direct entry into the champions league even if they do not qualify from their domestic league. Manchester United was smart to focus on this aspect and now they find themselves in the UCL despite finishing below us.

The bottom line that an Arsenal fan should not ignore is this – despite us not ideally wanting to be in this league, its gives a very good opportunity to do well and progress in it. It would help nurture younger talent and also allow Wenger to try some new styles with the team. Youth teams players can be given an opportunity to express themselves and build themselves up towards the first team. I am looking forward to seeing Jack Wilshere and Reiss Nelson start today’s game and it’s going to be interesting to see if Wenger tries to do something different – it is his first time too here.

Progressing throughout the tournament won’t be easy since we have a very long way to go before even reaching the finals. To put things into perspective, from September to December the champions league eliminates 16 teams and keeps the best 16 in Europe – these teams enter the knock out in February. It’s brief, short and sweet. You have the best teams in Europe playing here and Manchester United.

In the same time, the Europa League (Sept-Dec) eliminates 24 of 48 teams (4 teams 12 groups, with top 2 qualifying) with 24 teams progressing to the next round – the third place teams from the champions league group stage (8) join these 24 and collectively 32 teams play it out in February. From 32 teams, you have the knockout phase to eliminate 16 teams and the rounds continue until you reach 8 teams and 4 teams for the quarters and the semis.

It is a long tournament in that sense and it does become grueling for any team who is thinking of competing seriously about it.

Am I excited about the Europa League?

Honestly, I see it more as a platform to show and understand teams skill-set over an actual competition. Make no mistake about the fact that it is not easy to win. But yes, it doesn’t get my excitement to the level the champions league does (that being said, if we win I will be elated). This is of course, independent of the fact that we have a BETTER chance to win the Europa League than we have a chance to win the champions league – but I do feel the way I feel because I have this thing bad habit called “expectations” from Arsenal.

It is a hard pill to swallow, us here, and the likes of Liverpool and Spurs in the champions league. More so for Arsenal fans since this is our first (hopefully last) season in the Europa League and as once, long ago in the dark ages, our great manager did say

“if you eat caviar everyday, its difficult to return to sausages”

We are definitely not used to sausages, but a man’s got to eat what a man’s got to eat…

Liverpool 4 – 0 Spineless FC


Let’s just try and be objective about what happened at Anfield on sunday.

Arsenal’s lack of organization is something I will talk about in detail in my next post. This is something that  I have called and foreseen a long time ago. It really does appear to be coming true (how I wish I was wrong).

What we witnessed on sunday should be made into a DVD and shown to children in football academies of what you should never strive to do. It was pathetic and Wenger as usual in his post match conference, when asked about the reason, conjures this :

That question is very difficult to answer straight after the game. There are some reasons but I don’t think I have too much to come out on that at the moment.

Really ?

Can you not call it like it is. That the defense lacked organization. That we needed to adapt quickly to the first goal and we didn’t. That the players seemed off and that we needed to have a better game plan.

No. Instead cite the “good” performances vs Stoke (we lost) and Leicester (we just won)

Last season I said that after 30 games. We’ve played three games, one at home and two away. In our two first games we were quite good and performances good. Today was not acceptable. Today was not acceptable at that level.

Good ? or Lucky ??

To those people who saw the game on sunday, my heart goes out to you. We played so badly that it’s hard to digest a performance like within the first 3 matches of the season.

This is the Arsenal, or what’s left of it. So bloody disgraceful.


For today’s post, I have decided to do a quick summary analysis of the way these spineless turds played on sunday. To compare, I have listed out what Liverpool did in each situation also.

Please be warned if the photos are not very clear, this was my first time with a camera.

The below figure shows a Liverpool side where each player has a rough idea of where his position should be.


It is important to note here that Liverpool does not have possession of the ball and thus this is the default (without the ball) set structure of the team i.e a 4-3-3 or a 4-5-1 depending on the situation.


The above figure is when we were trailing 1-0. Liverpool now has possession of the ball. Look at the formation. What exactly is this?

Seriously, what exactly is this?

5-4-1 or a 4-4-2 ??

Who knows where Alex Chamberlain is?

Not his fault though, he has not been instructed properly. Just told to ‘do your best’

5 mins later, we have this…


Just look at the clueless Bellerin ball-watching, not even aware of the full-back calling out for a through ball. Just look at the space!

Now, it should be noted that Arsenal has shifted to a 5-4-1 and they were trailing at this point with no threats to the Liverpool goal (excluding Welbeck’s sitter) Liverpool, on the other hand, has still kept their structure(a little stretched), despite being the ones in the lead.

Liverpool, on the other hand, has still kept their structure(a little stretched), despite being the ones in the lead.

Yes, Mr. Wenger. A 5-4-1 when we trail 1-0…did you ever think about switching from a 3 man defense to maybe a 4-3-3 or a 4-4-1-1?

2 mins later…Arsenal tries to attack.

Liverpool does not have the ball, just look at how they setup/re-shuffle accordingly. All Arsenal players are marked via zones. For 6 Arsenal players there are 6 Liverpool players on screen (barring Mane who is still tracking back)


Sanchez has the ball, but there is nobody fucking available. Why ? Because Bellerin is strolling around near him and if I am not wrong, Xhaka is chatting up with the Spaniard. The only 2 people trying to do something is Ozil and Welbeck, but given the brilliance in their positioning Sanchez can’t seem to find anyone free.

1 min later after Arsenal loses the ball and Liverpool attack…


Mane is free. The defense for some reason has become narrow. It looks like the formation and changed to a 5-2 something. Chamberlain has no clue who is at the back of him. Bellerin is again ball-watching. This was a similar position where he was caught out and could not deal with an incoming tap in (missed) by Salah (thank you, Petr Cech).

When you lack organization and instructions the above pictures are what you get. School boy defending and a shambolic shameless performance. There is no leader at the club and there is no will.

Arsenal’s will probably finish 8th or 9th this season given the way they are playing and while this is pretty disgusting it is the most realistic thing which fans should get tuned with. This is not going to be our season, in fact, I do not know what will be our season. Don’t put your hopes up and think a comeback is on…the problems lie at the heart of the team and in its structure and formation. If you send a navy seal unarmed vs someone who has a gun, no matter what seal training teaches you, the latter has leverage.

Arsenal right now is the navy seal (actually even worse, they probably have no training) and the season is the armed man.

In the words of Tyrion Lannister, yes, sir, we are truly


I feel sorry for myself as well as other Arsenal fans…

Polar Bear Face Palm

I post seldom these days. But forgive me for not being so regular when there is nothing actually concrete to talk about. And when I say nothing concrete I mean it with my entire heart (fuck the bottom).

I read other posts pondering what to make out of articles. Irrelevant articles written with no objective or purpose. Its not that these blogs are bad, they are good, but I mean come on, you have to have something to happen for you to  blog about.

At Arsenal, nothing is happening or as we Indians would say : Ghanta ho ra ha he ( It wont make sense if you read it in English, you need a hindi accent !)

The rubbish in the media is something to behold. I mean, normally we classify some reports as ‘jokes’ but sometimes when you read garbage like ‘Suarez to Arsenal, is done in principle’ one feels like telling the author to just go fuck himself.

But lets forget Arsenal for now. (This will be easy as there is nothing to remember in the first place)

Lets go global with the rise of power in France most notably from 2 clubs who quite frankly nobody gave a shit about(actually some people still considered PSG a threat) till last year. AS Monaco have spent roughly 125 million pounds acquiring an arsenal of talent for themselves – Falcao(52.8), Joao Moutinho(22), James Rodriguez(39.6) and Jeremy Toulalan(4.4) most notably apart from Abidal whom they got on a free transfer. The other powerhouse represent Lique 1 champions PSG who have slashed out 55 million for Edison Cavani, 27 million for defender Marquinhos and 13.2 for Lucas Digne.

PSG will pose as the main threat in the champions league and under manager Laurent Blanc they are expected to cause a few upsets having been unluckily eliminated from the champions league last year against Barcelona.

Manchester City having learned from their mistakes last year have gone and spent roughly 100 million pounds acquiring and replacing players. They learnt from the hammering United gave them last year by signing ‘Jesus’ himself, followed by Fernandinho, Negredo and Jovetic, the latter 2 being brought in to replace Balotelli and Carlos Tevez. United on the other hand have responded well by signing Guillermo Varela, a 20 year old Uruguayan fullback.

Liverpool and Arsenal are in the same situation as last summer, the only difference being Arsenal are now doing the dirty business by bidding 40+ for Luis Suarez, the Cannibal. As a player even I would be an idiot to say no to Suarez. He is to Liverpool what Van Persie WAS to Arsenal. But as a person its will be difficult to adjust to defend him. Especially if he comes to Arsenal having said that the reason for him to leave Liverpool is the English media. But I don’t expect this transfer to go through because I don’t see Wenger tabling a 50+ million pound bid for the player.

Wenger has his eye in South America where it has been widely reported that he will pay 21 million to acquire 20 year old midfielder Bernard from Atletico Mineiro. I have never heard of this player, so I will comment on him after I see him play. Correction, I will comment on him IF he EVER plays for Arsenal. And come to think of it, I guess I will be with-holding my opinion on him for EVER.

Chelsea have made some shrewd signings this summer, most notably their manager – Jose Mourinho, who I expect will provide some shape and balance to the team. This is very important because a team without a shape is like a building without pillars. One of the best examples of a team with proper shape and balance last season was Bayern Munich, and looked what they achieved. They also have Lukaku who to be honest is like a surprise package in my opinion. For West Brom last season he was brilliant, now imagine how much he can achieve with the players that surround him currently. Chelsea have also acquired other players such as striker Andre Schurrle, GK Mark Schwarzer and midfielder Marco van Ginkel.

Also in the news, David Moyes  continuously goes on bidding for Fabregas. This transfer seems very unlikely and practically speaking Moyes should go for Fellaini, a man who can actually provide stability to the United midfield. I am not saying Fabregas is bad, all I am saying is that I don’t think he will come especially after his move to Barcelona from Arsenal was compared to a soldier returning home from war !

Speaking of Manchester united, their ex-talisman player Wayne Rooney seems to have taken a stand in wanting to be sold this summer. This is the best time for foreign clubs to capitalise on the situation, and if Rooney does move its probably going to be to Spain. Well, I hope it is, because if he moves to Chelsea as I have heard they have already had an initial 23 million pound bid rejected, then all the clubs in the PL are fucked.

I wont blog often now. I mean, what am I supposed to write on – Arsenal’s possible transfer targets ?  Why Arsenal need this man ? Or should it be why Wenger should do this or that ??

I rather see turtles racing than see Arsenal doing something in the transfer market. The former is so much more interesting as compared to the latter which IS non-existent at the moment.

I have better things to do than waste my time speculating that this and that will happen. And I rather gladly do them.



Arsenal’s consistency is appalling…..


Did you catch the North London Derby ? I did. And I must say that it was exceptionally shitty. Blank for a second, ok, let me explain. I don’t find Spurs a very good club, and given the fact that they beat Arsenal with a 2-1 scoreline just goes on to prove my point even further. These says beating Arsenal is no big deal, and it will continue to be so until something changes in the club. FACT. Period

Apart from the routine shambolic defending which the club consistently display week-in and week out, this time it was the irrelevant contribution of the attack which made this derby even more atrocious. Arsenal had 2 shots on target  of 11 shots taken, one of which was a deflected goal by Mertersacker…. **clapping**

As a supporter of Arsenal I now view matches in a different perspective. I don’t look towards the weekends, have stopped tracking the Arsenal news and lately I choose to ignore the ‘stinging comments’ from people in my social life.

Its not that I don’t support Arsenal anymore, its just that I have lost faith in my team due to its consistent mediocrity shown throughout the years. Arsenal believe it or not are a mediocre team and have been a mediocre team for the last 3 years. People will question my premise by saying Arsenal have consistently finished in the top 4 for more than a decade or so and that the top 4 teams of any league cannot be mediocre because they play in the highest level of club competition in Europe. Yet, do riddle me this :

In 2009-10 Arsenal finished 3rd(75) 11 points behind champions Chelsea(86). 11 points adrift of 2nd place (85)

In 2010-11 Arsenal finished 4th(68) 12 points behind champions Manchester United(80). 3 points adrift from the top 2(71)

In 2011-12 Arsenal finished 3rd (70) 19 points behind champions Manchester City/ United(89).

Please tell me you are seeing a trend here.

Right now Arsenal are 24 points behind United with 10 matches to play. Forget the rest.

I know I crib. I know I get pissed off, but is it wrong for me to get pissed off at Arsenal for not even TRYING to compete. Some idiots will consistently say, “Get behind your team, now is the time they need it the most.”

Well, have I not been behind them all these years. I don’t ask much from Arsenal. I literally don’t. All I ask is for the club to remain competitive. Is that also too much ?

I don’t live in London, so I will never have an option to go and see games. Honestly, I’m glad because I rather spends 75 pounds on something worthwhile.

Today morning, I happen to glance over news reports(BBC) that Wenger stopped Bould from holding his training sessions after the first few games of the season, opting to go back to his traditional ‘mute’ defending methods.


This has helped us in leaps and bounds. Conceding 2 in the first 5 which included City and Liverpool, now we’ve bagged 30 more.

PS : And for those who say its one more than United. lets be honest, its not that United have a fantastic defense, they just compensate the goals conceded via their attack.

‘Zonal’s a bitch’ : Manchester City FC 1-1 Arsenal FC

Watched the game today. Got into a zonal marking vs man marking debate with my brother after the first half. Arsenal played well today (except for Walcott and Gervinho) and deserved something out of the match. A point earned rather than 2 lost, in my eyes.

In the 15th min, a delightful through ball from Ramsey penetrated the City defense to find Gervinho. The Ivorian had acres of space in front of him, but his first touch was so dreadful that it DID NOTHING(not even little) to bother Joe Hart.

In the 23rd min, Jenkinson did well to hustle away Lescott before rolling it back to Podolski who fired his shot into the stands.Sometime later, Ramsey who was quiet all this while was brought down 30  yards outside Joe Harts goal. Cazorla this time took his shot, straight at Hart.

On 39, a mis-judgement from Mannone allowed Lescott to fire in a powerful header into the Arsenal net. A defect of the zonal marking system.

The first half for Arsenal was overall good. In my opinion the fault for the goal should be shared between Mannone and the defense 60:40. The former lying in the majority because of taking the decision of going for the ball and not getting it in the end. And for the defense because they should have marked Lescott even tighter. But the movement from the midfield looked really slick and Cazorla Arteta and Diaby looked calm and composed.

City started the second half better. On 53, Silva picked up the ball after a failed dribble by Diaby. Running towards Mannone’s he slid it to Aguero whose shot was blocked by a responsible Cazorla. Moments later, Javi Garcia had a free header, headed into Mannone’s hands.

With 20 mins to go, Podolski and Diaby were taken off for Diaby and Giroud. Picture Arsenal like this : Gervinho on the right whenever he got the ball was in the mood to play it into the D-box via tiki-taka. H failed in every attempt.  He did not even ONCE think that Giroud was brought on because of his physicality and height. And on the right was Walcott who was and always will be a useless bloke.

On 81, Cazorla forced a fantastic save from Joe hart. And from the resulting corner after a failed clearance by City, Koscileny lashed his shot into Hart’s net. Gervinho had the chance to win the game in the 90th min but his finishing was dreadful. The only lacuna in his arsenal of abilities.

With 3 minutes added on, Arsenal looked like they preferred the draw. A smart option indeed considering the fact that Walcott was on the pitch(disadvantage) and that we were facing the champions in their own backyard.

As I said before, it was a good point earned rather than 2 lost.

The Full Time Verdict : WENGER IN OR OUT

Written By : Sid

And so it’s been said. We all knew it, and now it’s official. The reason Arsenal have not got any silverware is because of its defensive ability.

I have written before that there has been a divide in the Arsenal sphere, and fans are now starting to choose sides, over the main issue of Sacking the Boss. Hmmm…sacking the boss, I’ll come to that later.

I hear fans say year after year we have qualified for the champions league, and that we have always finished in the top 4. Now that actually got me thinking. What has the Gooners psyche come to ? Why is it that everybody is happy that we have finished in the top 4? Where is the spirit to win something for a change. Where is the spirit to win ?

Our manager is stubborn, and his will not listen to the voice of reason. Something I have known for quite some time. Infact this is an extract of a letter I wrote to the man before the first day of the season.

Before I end my letter let me tell you something. I love my club, and I do not want to see it get beaten down so badly even though it is financially completely stable. My request to you is that, if you have any doubts that you will not be able to give us a trophy this year, please give in your resignation to the board. There is still time and a new manager can be appointed. We as Arsenal fans can never doubt what a man like you has done for the club so far as the debts are concerned. But at the end of the day, as fans, we want trophies, not balanced books. So please check yourself before you start managing this season, not only in your hands do you manage a top-class club but also in your hands rests the happiness of a million Gooners around the globe…

You can get the entire letter here ” A Letter to Arsene Wenger “

I doubted his contribution from the day 1 of the season, as I knew something is wrong with him. He is not pragmatic and he will not change. He WILL NOT ! IF he does not change Arsenal’s situation will not change and we will go on supporting a club which is heading down the wrong path.

Wenger has been acting like a narcissistic drone all these years, and in this year it has finally pissed us of so much that every blog I go to says that something at Arsenal should change.



Now to the topic of sacking the boss. Let’s look at this logically. If Wenger leaves, surely there is going to be some commotion. Gooners will not like it, and the media is going to hype it up so much, that I doubt people will have off pat the  “royal wedding” anymore.

Then again, what will Arsenal gain. A new manager will come in. He shall want to spend (otherwise there is no difference between the 2, at least in this aspect), and we may get some players. As for the current crop of players, they shall not approve of the manager leaving, and we may just bid farewell to our captain as he catches the next flight to Spain.

The club shall ‘increase’ it spending, and thus this will reduce the Gross profit, and thus hamper the efficient running of the club. If the new manager spends he is not doing it the Arsenal way, so there again we have a shift in philosophy.

The entire club is going to change. Why ? Because we have a new manager with new policies, a new mindset, and a new way to do things. Unless of course the new guy is Dragan Stojkovic, but if reports are true I hear he has signed a new deal with his club.


Now if Wenger does not go then we can be assured that Cesc has a chance of staying in North London. The club will maintain its principles, values and ethics. Something which we as fans do not entirely agree on. At least, in terms of transfers.

Overall I don’t know what will change, all we can hope is that “something will.”

However, there is 1 point. If AW stays, our squad will be more comfortable with what is going around in the club. And this is quite crucial. We can compare the situation to an employee who is in a job in which he not certain to stay. If you are not certain whether you shall stay or not then you won’t work well.

To be brief, it turns into a situation where we may win a trophy, JUST LIKE EVERY YEAR, but this time our team will be even more experienced..

Wenger is not the man to lead Arsenal. Well, he did do it for 14 years. A friend of mine did mention the point that he spent 4 years out of the 6 in which we have been trophy less in rebuilding. In that time he has managed to fund an entire stadium of 60000 people. And he has NOT LET the club become like Liverpool or fall into bankruptcy. The debts are in control, and he wishes to WIN A TROPHY showing the world that he did it in a perfect manner. Ok, let me correct myself, in a manner in which he thinks is perfect.


I have said earlier that I was not entirely convinced about him from day 1 of the season. He did not sign anybody who I felt would provide a boost to the current Arsenal team. And well, I was right. But at the same time, I was wrong. Szczesny has proved AW’s fate in his young goalies. Rambo and Jack have again re-instilled faith in us Gooners that they can carry this team. And as it stands we have really improved on our performances this season. Now I know some may say we have less points than last season, but there is a difference here which  these ‘some’ forget. Every year the premier league becomes more and more difficult. Every year we have teams performing better. As competitiveness increases so does the standard, and hence the results. This time the title will be won with the lowest points total, so one can see the difference in standards between the 2010 and 2011.

I am not going to lie here. DKD and I(but especially DKD) have abused Wenger, and called him many things because I felt he was not good enough with his tactics. Few Experts believe that Wenger is a great coach but not a great manager. If you ever notice, the formations which he puts up have no real sting in them. For instance, under Mourinho Inter played a 4-2-1-3 when they faced Italian teams, but when they face FCB they switched to a 5-4-1. Each formation has a stint of ‘attack’, or ‘ultra defense’ in them. He played Eto as a LB in the Nou Camp, so that tells you alot. The only thing which our manager does is swap the players positions in formations. If we play a 4-3-3, then the 3 in the middle go on changing. Everything else is static.

Szczesny has come out and said that he believes in Wenger and that the manager should not change. He has reasons to believe it as he says that the team is responsible and that the manager has stood by them throughout the season. That I have to agree on. AW has stood behind this team as if it was his child. He has build this team, and he has not given up hope on this team, ever !

Should he stay or should he go….


I feel he should stay. Yes, I know it may come as a shocker to ‘some people’, who feels are ‘AW’s followers’ and visit this blog often, but I think he should stay. BUT, (and I have to mention this one) my verdict is mainly based on the fact he will not realistically leave because the board do not have the spine to sack him !

MY VERDICT : He should stay

Well, what can be the worst case scenario if he stays. The club will repeat what they have done for 6 years. And after the season finishes he will be forced to change, by if I may add, a very very very very very Angry fan Base !

On the other hand if he stays, we are going to contest for the title, forget that, we are going to contest for the ‘Quadruple’ and we shall be run in an efficient manner. And well, we may just win something ! I mean look how close we were this season…


I hope my verdict is okay, in view of ‘the things’ I have said against our manager. Personally I believe the man deserves something  (as I have already stated in my ‘About’ section) or life is just not fair. Come on Gooners lets stick by him a little longer. I mean if he can stick by players such as Denilson, then we can surely do our part and stick by him !



PS : Did anyone know that Osama Bin Laden was an Arsenal Fan ?

An email from a Gooner : If I owned Arsenal…”

A Gooner emailed this to me on Sunday, hours after we were ‘officially’ dumped out of the title race…

Last week was very bad for Arsenal fans. First there was the price hikes for season tickets holders. Then there were the ticket membership scheme price hikes and misc. price hikes and then to top it all off, we play utterly crap against Stoke.

Is that really what we can expect to see after these hikes ?

I mean, it’s bad enough that we already pay a fortune to watch Arsenal in TV subscriptions let alone the vast prices for tickets, but moreover to watch our beloved Arsenal could cost an average fan £1500 a year if you hold the cheapest season ticket and you subscribe to all sports channels. For the membership scheme it could even be around £1200 per year. Then on top of that you have petrol, train fares, food etc…. And Arsene wonders what is there to moan about? It’s a lot of money to watch fancy football Arsene!

It’s not like the old days where live matches were on the free channels and it only cost you a fiver at the north bank turnstiles. Losing was part and parcel of being a fan and we accepted it. Nowadays not only do we have the pain of losing but also the pain of feeling cheated by the club you love. And in all fairness, the club couldn’t care. I mean, it’s too big as there are years of waiting lists, so even if ‘you’ gave up your season ticket or membership, the club will not give a rats *** as they know someone will fill the gap you leave behind.

It’s good to see that a group called Black scarf is doing something about this…


Now if we won trophies would we still moan?

In my opinion, no we wouldn’t. Of course you would get the odd few who would but if we had the type of players we had in 2002 and 2004 and won competitions I don’t think we would moan, I think we would consider it money well spent.


So what is the answer to all these problems? One idea I propose is that if the players underperform like they did against Stoke and so many other teams, they should give the ticket paying fans 10% of their ticket price out of their wages.

Will it work? Yes I think it would. I wonder how many poor performances we would see it if that was introduced? Plus the fans won’t feel so cheated.

Will it ever be introduced? Not a chance in hell.

What about sacking Arsene Wenger before the summer break? The new man can get the players we need in before the new season starts. And there will be a huge amount of rebuilding…A point worth discussing indeed.

How about one more season?  Because there’s no point sacking him once the season starts as the new man won’t be able to sign any new players as well as having the no pre season to install his training plans and ideas. That’s a difficult one on so many grounds. Who would we want as a replacement? Would he fit into the philosophy of Arsenal FC ?

Personally, I think the problem is with Arsene. It’s that he knows he is ‘un sack able’ or invincible. If I owned Arsenal, I would call in Mr Wenger to the board room at the end of the season and tell him this season was not good enough, if we have the same thing next season, then we will have no option but to give you a gold watch, a painting of a spitfire and offer you a seat at this table. You have been warned Arsene!

Another idea I have is to call George Graham back to Arsenal to either act as a defender scout or a defensive coach. Yes he took a bung but I think a lot of managers did back then and he was made a scapegoat. Plus he handed the money back to Arsenal, so what did they do with the money? Anyway that’s another topic. He at the end of the day is a proven defensive manager and a massive Arsenal lover who knows the history and beliefs of Arsenal unlike some of the players we have today.

But as football fans we are all great football managers and all believe we can do better than the current boss.

Arsene, you have been given a final written warning, see that this does not happen again!

I am not sure AW comes to this blog and reads what is written, hell I bet he has no clue what are blogs. But the point is that through this letter I can see what some section of the GoonLand feel, and that is what is important.

Remember the saying “United we stand divided we fall.”  Kinda feels that way now…