I have always been very lenient with people commenting on this blog. I have had no issues, and no problems. But, since being caught up with work I did not pay attention to a few things related to the comment moderation on this site. To be honest, I never thought this would be a problem.

Lately things have crossed a certain limit. Everybody has an opinion, as well as a right to express their opinion. But just because I say something and you something and we disagree, that does not give me the right to INSULT you (to satisfy my ego).

Please adhere to the following rules when commenting on this blog :

1. Do not insult the author or any other person commenting on this blog. If you disagree with an opinion express your own. This will lead to a discussion – thus fulfilling the basic objective of a blog.

2. Do not use different aliases when commenting on this blog.

3. Follow rules 1 and 2.



Before typing, read Note* above...

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