The Deed is done…Sorry for the inconvenience…this was hard for me..


I have not written a blog post for 3 months and 21 days. To clarify, I am not dead. Also, neither am I less interested nor am I following football any less.

I’ll try to keep this short and simple.

Work has come up and I cannot find the time to write my beloved creation. 

Giving my thoughts and opinions about Wenger and Arsenal was an INTEGRAL part of this blog and views expressed here were solely my own. Also they were done with honesty.

As for now the ARMOURY is closed. And I don’t expect it to open anytime soon.

I wish to thank all my readers for putting up with me, the idiot I am, they have borne a lot and even they deserve a break.

In advance, I wish everybody a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year ahead.




I feel sorry for myself as well as other Arsenal fans…

Polar Bear Face Palm

I post seldom these days. But forgive me for not being so regular when there is nothing actually concrete to talk about. And when I say nothing concrete I mean it with my entire heart (fuck the bottom).

I read other posts pondering what to make out of articles. Irrelevant articles written with no objective or purpose. Its not that these blogs are bad, they are good, but I mean come on, you have to have something to happen for you to  blog about.

At Arsenal, nothing is happening or as we Indians would say : Ghanta ho ra ha he ( It wont make sense if you read it in English, you need a hindi accent !)

The rubbish in the media is something to behold. I mean, normally we classify some reports as ‘jokes’ but sometimes when you read garbage like ‘Suarez to Arsenal, is done in principle’ one feels like telling the author to just go fuck himself.

But lets forget Arsenal for now. (This will be easy as there is nothing to remember in the first place)

Lets go global with the rise of power in France most notably from 2 clubs who quite frankly nobody gave a shit about(actually some people still considered PSG a threat) till last year. AS Monaco have spent roughly 125 million pounds acquiring an arsenal of talent for themselves – Falcao(52.8), Joao Moutinho(22), James Rodriguez(39.6) and Jeremy Toulalan(4.4) most notably apart from Abidal whom they got on a free transfer. The other powerhouse represent Lique 1 champions PSG who have slashed out 55 million for Edison Cavani, 27 million for defender Marquinhos and 13.2 for Lucas Digne.

PSG will pose as the main threat in the champions league and under manager Laurent Blanc they are expected to cause a few upsets having been unluckily eliminated from the champions league last year against Barcelona.

Manchester City having learned from their mistakes last year have gone and spent roughly 100 million pounds acquiring and replacing players. They learnt from the hammering United gave them last year by signing ‘Jesus’ himself, followed by Fernandinho, Negredo and Jovetic, the latter 2 being brought in to replace Balotelli and Carlos Tevez. United on the other hand have responded well by signing Guillermo Varela, a 20 year old Uruguayan fullback.

Liverpool and Arsenal are in the same situation as last summer, the only difference being Arsenal are now doing the dirty business by bidding 40+ for Luis Suarez, the Cannibal. As a player even I would be an idiot to say no to Suarez. He is to Liverpool what Van Persie WAS to Arsenal. But as a person its will be difficult to adjust to defend him. Especially if he comes to Arsenal having said that the reason for him to leave Liverpool is the English media. But I don’t expect this transfer to go through because I don’t see Wenger tabling a 50+ million pound bid for the player.

Wenger has his eye in South America where it has been widely reported that he will pay 21 million to acquire 20 year old midfielder Bernard from Atletico Mineiro. I have never heard of this player, so I will comment on him after I see him play. Correction, I will comment on him IF he EVER plays for Arsenal. And come to think of it, I guess I will be with-holding my opinion on him for EVER.

Chelsea have made some shrewd signings this summer, most notably their manager – Jose Mourinho, who I expect will provide some shape and balance to the team. This is very important because a team without a shape is like a building without pillars. One of the best examples of a team with proper shape and balance last season was Bayern Munich, and looked what they achieved. They also have Lukaku who to be honest is like a surprise package in my opinion. For West Brom last season he was brilliant, now imagine how much he can achieve with the players that surround him currently. Chelsea have also acquired other players such as striker Andre Schurrle, GK Mark Schwarzer and midfielder Marco van Ginkel.

Also in the news, David Moyes  continuously goes on bidding for Fabregas. This transfer seems very unlikely and practically speaking Moyes should go for Fellaini, a man who can actually provide stability to the United midfield. I am not saying Fabregas is bad, all I am saying is that I don’t think he will come especially after his move to Barcelona from Arsenal was compared to a soldier returning home from war !

Speaking of Manchester united, their ex-talisman player Wayne Rooney seems to have taken a stand in wanting to be sold this summer. This is the best time for foreign clubs to capitalise on the situation, and if Rooney does move its probably going to be to Spain. Well, I hope it is, because if he moves to Chelsea as I have heard they have already had an initial 23 million pound bid rejected, then all the clubs in the PL are fucked.

I wont blog often now. I mean, what am I supposed to write on – Arsenal’s possible transfer targets ?  Why Arsenal need this man ? Or should it be why Wenger should do this or that ??

I rather see turtles racing than see Arsenal doing something in the transfer market. The former is so much more interesting as compared to the latter which IS non-existent at the moment.

I have better things to do than waste my time speculating that this and that will happen. And I rather gladly do them.



In response to a fellow Gooner…..

GoonerKam writes :

So the last we spoke was after the torts game and you were ripping into the team and club and AW. We go on a 9 win one draw run and you feel better now. Or maybe feeling like crap for having zero faith. You must be young and don’t know the meaning of support or believing in a cause or principles. Lucky you. I have the perfect person for you to watch and learn from. His name is ARSENE and he bigger balls than any other manger of a major club that I know of. Watch and learn from him loyalty, steadfast belief in his vision and principles, belief in the right way of playing the game and teaching it, strength of character in the face of unbelievable odds and much more. And how to be man and never whining when the going gets tough.

Maybe next year you will grow a mind of your own and not just repeating the media line and falling for the games our opponents plan for the weak of mind.  Maybe then the ARMOURY WOULD BE CONSIDERED A SPECIAL BLOG.

Like the club crest you picked for the site.
I guess that’s something.

Response :

Its been a long time, and I completely accept that. But to see Arsenal is like to seeing a diver walking the plank and just standing there. Everybody waits in anticipation for the dive, for that lunge forward but it never happens. And it pisses the audience/me off so much….

You say I have no faith.

I accept that I do not have faith in Arsenal winning the premier league with the current Arsenal team, forget the champions league.

And I know I have not asked every single gooner in the world, but I am pretty sure if you ask them too, majority will agree with me.

Faith is something, and blind faith is something. There is a sharp distinction between them. In simple words, the latter means “I don’t care who or what, I believe in you.” Whereas the former means “You have shown me reason to believe and I do believe in you.” I like to associate myself with the former. The only issue here is that Wenger has pissed me off (and continues to do so) so much that for my own health I need to avoid Arsenal completely.

I don’t agree with your opinions on Wenger. I personally believe that he is not the man who he used to be. I am not saying he has lost it all I am saying is that if he was a lion, now he is the image below(right) :

ImageHe makes stupid decisions, but this is not what worries me. People have bad days in the office, and that happens to everybody…

What actually worries me is that he refuses to learn from them. The season before last, when Van Persie carried the team home, he said he was going to look into the matter. What did he do ? Signed 3 players and sold 2 first team players, one of which was Van Persie himself. We were out of the the title race in both campaigns before New Years.

I believe in principles, but those principles I choose for myself. For instance, I for one don’t consider Arsenal to be the team known for “qualifying for the champions league.” I expect them to REALISTICALLY challenge for trophies every season. They never live up to my expectation, and that is what ticks me off.

Last summer we spend money on Giroud and Podolski as strikers. This time it is Higuain, who apparently has to just sign to make his transfer official.

A friend of mine met him in London, the man says that he loves the place and flies often when he gets a break in Madrid. Surprisingly he also told my friend that “he was the only person who recognised him that day”, and this was at a mall.

I have watched alot of Madrid games, and the problem with Higuain is that he misses chances that ought to be tucked away, and this comes into prominence against top teams like FC Barcelona. I am not saying that he is going to be a flop at Arsenal all I am insinuating is that Arsenal fans should not be content. Just because Wenger WILL break the Arsenal transfer record that does not mean everything will be fine and dandy. Sadly, they will i.e people will be content.

I worry for Higuian. Its not that he can’t finish, I just feel Wenger will burn him off too fast if he clicks. This is the same thing which happened to Fabregas, Van Persie etc. The over-reliance on one player to carry an entire team. Its shocking in terms of how is it allowed to happen. But the transfer window has just opened today, so in respect of that I’ll with-hold my opinion for atleast a few weeks.

Also, Higuian is not the answer to all Arsenal’s problems. The issues are internal, with the defense, with portions of the midfield. Its similar to Barcelona. Barcelona won LaLiga last year, equaling Mourinho’s points tally. But you could see this Barca side was one dimensional, over-reliant on one person and had no defensive shape. This is why they got pummeled against an efficient Bayern Munich and Real Madrid(CopaDel Rey).

Arsenal need a right back, and a centreback. Sagna should be sold and a replacement brought in. I heard a few rumours about Vermaelen on Barcelona’s radar. I know its rubbish, but if Arsenal get a good sum for him, he may be considered to be sold as well. But knowing Wenger, he may keep him on for one more year to give him time. I don’t disagree with Wenger, but if we get 15-18 for him(never going to happen), I rather get the money and re-invest in the squad.

What else will I blog about ? Mourinho’s return, Suarez’ antics or a mouth watering rivalry between Madrid and Barcelona if Bale moves to Spain. There is nothing happening in the Arsenal camp, and everybody is so excited. For what ??? The prospect that the Arsenal transfer record will be broken.

I will be posting more often from now on as it has been a long holiday. But to post on Arsenal is becoming monotonous. Life has to be more interesting with other clubs as well. Looking at the current situation, I might just have to explore that option.


Arsenal’s consistency is appalling…..


Did you catch the North London Derby ? I did. And I must say that it was exceptionally shitty. Blank for a second, ok, let me explain. I don’t find Spurs a very good club, and given the fact that they beat Arsenal with a 2-1 scoreline just goes on to prove my point even further. These says beating Arsenal is no big deal, and it will continue to be so until something changes in the club. FACT. Period

Apart from the routine shambolic defending which the club consistently display week-in and week out, this time it was the irrelevant contribution of the attack which made this derby even more atrocious. Arsenal had 2 shots on target  of 11 shots taken, one of which was a deflected goal by Mertersacker…. **clapping**

As a supporter of Arsenal I now view matches in a different perspective. I don’t look towards the weekends, have stopped tracking the Arsenal news and lately I choose to ignore the ‘stinging comments’ from people in my social life.

Its not that I don’t support Arsenal anymore, its just that I have lost faith in my team due to its consistent mediocrity shown throughout the years. Arsenal believe it or not are a mediocre team and have been a mediocre team for the last 3 years. People will question my premise by saying Arsenal have consistently finished in the top 4 for more than a decade or so and that the top 4 teams of any league cannot be mediocre because they play in the highest level of club competition in Europe. Yet, do riddle me this :

In 2009-10 Arsenal finished 3rd(75) 11 points behind champions Chelsea(86). 11 points adrift of 2nd place (85)

In 2010-11 Arsenal finished 4th(68) 12 points behind champions Manchester United(80). 3 points adrift from the top 2(71)

In 2011-12 Arsenal finished 3rd (70) 19 points behind champions Manchester City/ United(89).

Please tell me you are seeing a trend here.

Right now Arsenal are 24 points behind United with 10 matches to play. Forget the rest.

I know I crib. I know I get pissed off, but is it wrong for me to get pissed off at Arsenal for not even TRYING to compete. Some idiots will consistently say, “Get behind your team, now is the time they need it the most.”

Well, have I not been behind them all these years. I don’t ask much from Arsenal. I literally don’t. All I ask is for the club to remain competitive. Is that also too much ?

I don’t live in London, so I will never have an option to go and see games. Honestly, I’m glad because I rather spends 75 pounds on something worthwhile.

Today morning, I happen to glance over news reports(BBC) that Wenger stopped Bould from holding his training sessions after the first few games of the season, opting to go back to his traditional ‘mute’ defending methods.


This has helped us in leaps and bounds. Conceding 2 in the first 5 which included City and Liverpool, now we’ve bagged 30 more.

PS : And for those who say its one more than United. lets be honest, its not that United have a fantastic defense, they just compensate the goals conceded via their attack.

Arsenal embarrass supporters yet again (Arsenal 1-3 Bayern Munich)

WengerI saw the Bayern Munich match with a lot of interest. As a team Bayern Munich reek of quality. They have a strong midfield and a strong foundation at the back. The statistics speak for themselves having conceded only 7 goals in the Bundesliga before yesterday’s kick off. In response to such a stat, many critics will state the quality of the Bundesliga is not at par with the premier league. While I completely agree on this point its a very shabby excuse. Arsenal have conceded 29 goals this season all be it playing 4 more games than Bayern Munich. Although I agree there is a  difference between the 2 leagues yet it is not vast enough for Arsenal having any excuse to concede more than 4 times as many goals as Munich. Also, its significant to note that Munich and Dortmund both topped their champions league groups with the latter placed in the group of death.

Yesterday Arsenal started the game well, but by the 7th min Wenger’s world was turned upside down as Toni Kroos, a product of the Bayern Munich youth academy smashed in a superb volley beyond Szczesny. The Arsenal defense was thrust into the spotlight again for all the wrong reasons (this is becoming a habit), but to be honest Kroos volley was too good. From that point the Arsenal hit a mental block.

Its important for us to understand that before the 7 min Arsenal were not playing badly. But Kroos goal shell shocked the team, and they looked broken after his volley. In the 21st minute, the second goal was a shambolic one to concede. Szczesny’s fumbled as Muller capitalised. Bayern Munich had 2 away goals within 21 mins.

Posloski did pull one back in the second half. It was a cheap goal for Bayern to concede. a finger can easily be directed towards the Germans for not taking responsibility as an unmarked Podolski guided the ball home after it took a bounce from the corner.

This goal opened the game up as Arsenal had an incentive to attack. Ofcourse, this made them susceptible to a quick Bayern counter-attack. This goal should be shown to the Arsenal defense to teach them the adverse effects of holding a narrow back-line. Robben got the ball on the right moved central in turn encouraging Vermaelen towards him before playing a reverse ball to the overlapping Philip Lahm on the right. Mario Mandzukic claimed the 3rd as he finished the game with a simple poke of a Lahm assist.


It unlikely for Arsenal to knock out Bayern in the Germany. If you want to bet on it, then I guess you do have a lot of money to waste. Before this trip Arsenal have 2 important games against Spurs and Everton, both contenders for the top 4. Its important for them to win these 2 games because getting into the top 4 will be crucial for next season. (Do I sound familiar to you ?)

I strongly believe that the quality of any team not only starts from the basics but also getting the job done in a consistent manner.

My point can be well illustrated with an example. Manchester United grind out wins. Sometimes at Old Trafford, they come under a lot of pressure. They perform badly. And YET, despite all this, they grind out a 1-0 or 2-1 result. Sometimes they don’t even concede, inspite of playing in their own half for a good part of 90 mins.

In short, Arsenal have to perform in this way if they want to hear the champions league anthem next season. It just has to happen.

If you have read this blog you will know I generally and rightfully blame Wenger for Arsenal’s lacuna in performance. This time I just don’t care.

On a personal note, I WAS always convinced Arsenal would not win anything this season. Not the way they have been performing, no way in hell. But if things look up, we might get top 4, and since that is a trophy one might as well be content that our season has gone well.

You support Arsenal, and you are a worthy supporter\gooner, but does the management value you as a supporter.

Do YOU think they value your support ?

I don’t think so.