Match Ratings : Arsenal 1-3 Manchester United

If my ratings offend anyone because majority people get offended anyway with opinions I apologise in advance.

Here is a picture of a stoned duck to lift your mood up :

Stoned Duck.jpg

Petr Cech – 5

Cannot fault this man for the goals conceded. Every single goal was unexpected and he did do his best. The issue with GK’s is that no matter what they do, you only remember the ones that went in – in this case, it was 3.

Koscielny – 3

Directly responsible for 2 of the 3 we conceded, this man probably was like Donald on top when playing. I am a Koscielny fan but one has to call a spade a spade. He was terrible. Even when he positioned himself well to defend against Pogba, he let his French counter-part get the better of him and allow a pass for United’s 3rd. Lacking in concentration, we are not used to him playing so shabby. Let’s just hope it was one of those days for him.

Mustafi – 2

Well, he made a huge impact on the game when he allowed himself to get dispossessed for Arsenal’s second. Can we really rate a man who was on the pitch for less than 12 minutes and was subbed moments after he led us to concede? It is a little unfair I feel with no scope for any real picture. I may have given him a 3 if he played the 90, I don’t know..

Monreal – 5

I like this guy. He filled in as CB when Mustafi was taken off and he did a good job. You can’t really blame him for any of the goals and he did his job as a defender when one needed him.

Bellerin – 5

He made a few good runs on the right, but nobody really gave him the ball. The usual flow of running down, cutting back and passing back was abundant in his play. He helped out at the back when needed though and the boy is really fast. I appreciate the fact that over time he seems to have become a little less lazy and help out when needed in the back (another crucial element in the 3-4-3 formation)

Xhaka – 2

I don’t really have much to say about this lurch in the middle of the field. I don’t see him contributing anything and have not seen him do anything for a while. He reminds me of Denilson, a player whose game only consisted of stupid back passes and once in a while shots.

Xhaka has been heavily criticised by Arsenal fans in the last few games. More criticism is biased towards him not doing anything rather than doing something productive. He failed to mark Lindegaard for United’s third too. Not a very good period for our “lost” Swiss camel.

Ramsey – 5

The guy tries. He seems to be improving and playing better with each game. I loved his presence of mind when he played the ball back to Lacazette for our only goal. He made good runs and played a few good balls, but nothing the United defence could not handle.

Kolasinac – 5

Out of position and out of place most of the time. His contribution towards attacking was null and with respect to his defensive duties, he really seemed too cavalier. Sure, he helped out when needed but overall it was not one of his games. His influence quotient which is a term I made up a few seconds ago and which means the amount a player influences a game on and off the ball was 0.

He was not at fault for the first goal, that was a shit cross by Koscielny.

Ozil – 6

Let us see. He made good runs. He took the ball forward, played some great passes and also helped out at the back. He had a good game given the rest of the team’s performance and certainly could have done more – but should I be harsh and type unrealistic things like he should have passed better or even scored, no. Even the man’s free-kick was on target and if it were not for Ashley Young he would have scored.

Sanchez – 4

I think, easily one of the worst games he has had this season. He just could not get it together for who knows what reason. Maybe his dog shat on him for some reason and he was pissed, I do not know, but I am never seen a Sanchez who was so out of sorts like the way he was on Saturday. Let’s not kid ourselves, the man was his usual self – making runs, pressing and taking the ball forward, but there was no end result for him today.

If I had money I would have probably lost it because I had expected him to equalise in the 56th min (fuck you DeGea), but nothing went right for him today.

Lacazette – 5

He deserves a little more. He scored the only goal in the game and for a player who was recovering from a groin injury, this man was astounding. I genuinely feel that Lacazette is a good player and with time he will improve. Sure, he has the odd chance that he skyrockets into Highbury once in a while, but everybody does that (Ramos, Beckham). I am going to give him 6 just because it felt like he tried.


As I said before, this game was thrown away by us. United were not better, but we made them look better.

I am not a very optimistic person but I do feel we are on the right track. That being said, there is no cure for a lack of concentration so one can’t do much about that.

Yet, I am hopeful that these holes can be plugged and we can bounce back at Bate, sorry, at Southampton next week.

Till then…


Mr. DeGea, you should be frozen…


The last 2 wins for this Arsenal side was some-what ‘relaxing’, especially when you consider the Burnley game. But this game vs Manchester United is as always, a classic!

I did not expect any philosophy changes between Wenger and Mourinho for this game and when the team sheets were announced, the only surprise was that Lacazette started. Didn’t fancy Wenger for mind games manager, but I was impressed.

That was short-lived though as the first 15 mins changed everything.

On 3, Koscielny gave possession away and United scored. There are a few things for this 3-4-3 formation that are suicidal – giving away possession is No 1 on this list.

First, it was Koscielny in the 3rd minute when his cross to Kolasinac was shabby and weak. Second, Mustafi joined in – it was 0-1 in four mins and 0-2 in eleven. The Arsenal defence was shambolic, the Arsenal attack was mute.

We didn’t have to employ a tactic to counter Mourinho. We put oil on ourselves and lit it with a flint…imagine this guy…


That was us…

Having played into United’s tactics, Mustafi’s injury (seconds after he gave the ball away) forced Wenger into a tactical change. Would he have made this change if Mustafi was fit, is debatable, but right now let us not get into that. Iwobi entered the pitch minutes later as the formation switched to a 4-5-1.

Its moments like these that set games up in a predefined way. When you face top teams, games are approached in a certain way. For Arsenal, it was (always is) keep possession and play to their strengths. For United, it is defending collectively and attacking via counter-attacks. Now imagine you give a cheap 2 goal lead to the latter (..feel that tilt)

From the 16th min onwards until the end of the first half, we gave it all. Everything was thrown at United. If you did a heat map scan of the pitch it would be this:

Heat Map.png

We had our chances. We definitely had our chances, but if it was not for David DeGea, a goalkeeper I honestly consider to be the best in the world we would have been 3 up.

I just want to make a small thing clear – there are players who make teams world class. David DeGea is one such player. He was the one who emulated another one of his famous performances against us a few seasons back when United had Van Gaal and won 1-2 at the Emirates. He was the one who was a fucking wall between us and the goal. That man should be frozen and kept alive to show generations ahead, what a GK is supposed to do. He made saves, he shouted at his mediocre united defence, he ran the show. I don’t do match ratings for opposition teams, but this man deserved a 20 on 10.

It was Arsenal vs DDG. Period.

In the second half, there were 2 or 3 talking points. One was Ramsey’s assist to Lacazette for our first goal. It was a delightful touch to set up the Frenchman for a good finish. DeGea was finally beaten.

One would think that dents confidence, but as I said before David here was on another level.

In the 56th minute, he made a double save that is worth watching more than once to keep United in the game as we unloaded run after run, play after play into his D-box. If this goal had gone in, we would have been in the driving seat of this game. United had not done anything to even harm Cech apart from their 2 goals and if Sanchez had slotted the ball past DeGea here, we would have had leverage, a great deal of it, over our opponents.

Right on the hour mark, another silly error by Koscielny made it 1-3 to United. It is very easy to give a defender shit about his performance. Laurent Koscielny quite frankly, just had one of those days in which he woke up on the right side of the bed but then stepped on dog shit seconds later. He made stupid decisions and was not himself. I have always rated the man highly and I feel he is a great defender, but even Messi ran through Roberto Carlos and Sergio Ramos once, so I am giving him a pass…

I am not going to critically analyse the game further because there is indeed nothing more to add to this game. There was only one “MAN OF THE SHOW” for United as he seemed to just level up after United clinched their third.

Wenger did change the formation to a 3-3-4 post the 70th min, but United held on.

Let us try and be objective in our approach here.

Manchester United came to play in a certain fixed way. All credit to them. Its classic Mourinho formula gentlemen (Matic and Pogba as CDM’s!!), the 1 nil wins or the 0-0 draw still adds more points than a loss.

We did serve the game to them on a pallet – nice and hot! You can plan tactics all night every night, but you can’t plan double whammy’s (or as they are known more popularly as “fuck ups”) they just happen.

Its just one of those games you know – imagine playing a small team (not referring to United) at home and losing 0-1 despite having more than 30 shots on target. It makes you feel “we tried our best, but it just wasn’t going to be” and that’s A BAD FEELING to take away in a game vs Huddersfield or Burnley.

But it is NOT a bad feeling to take away from a game like this. I completely agree that it sucks to lose to United, but there is a difference between 8-2 and 1-3 apart from the scoreline. We played well, we were the cause of our own demise.

Next week is Southampton, a place where we end up getting thrashed all the time. Don’t let this hiccup get you too down, we just need to be more consistent and concentrate for 95 mins or so on the pitch.

Till then, here is one happy beaver…


Koeman sacked as Arsenal high 5 Everton


Koeman’s demise in football is one of the safest bets one could pick if you needed some quick money.

Facts that you can’t object to :

  • Investment made over the summer

133 million SPENT; 95 million RECEIVED

Net spend = 133-95 = 38 million (doesn’t matter but mentioned anyway)

The manager sanctioned spending on top class talent (by virtue of amount paid only) worth a little more than 80 million as he recruited players from abroad (Davy Klaassen – £23,60,000  Henry Onyekuru – £6,800,000) and from England too – Jordan Pickford – £25,000,000, Michael Keane – £25,000,000. Rooney, of course, was the cherry on the cake as he reunited with his former club after 13 long years at Manchester United. He came for free.

  • The wretched run 

Before Arsenal’s final nail in the coffin, Everton’s run of form is really worth noticing.


They beat Stoke – season opener, so it was expected given the amount spent. Drew with City away – which is commendable given the fact that City seems to devour every team that they face at the Etihad and then the downtrend starts…

3 losses, back to back. 9 goals conceded in 3 games without even scoring. But it would be unfair if we didn’t note the teams they faced. All 3 clubs are in the champions league and 2 out of 3 were away games. Harsh ?

A little I think.

  • The run continues…

Then came Bournemouth, whom they just managed to beat. However, any shred of hope for a level of consistency was put to bed as they lost to Burnley a week later.

Brighton drew with them a fortnight later before they were taught a footballing lesson on Wenger’s birthday.

So, to sum it all up.

They should have won at least 2 games before the Arsenal game, but instead, they drew one and lose the other. The rest of the 7 games were relatively hard as 5 of them were against teams in the top 6 (except Liverpool). They lost 5 and won 2.

These are of course just statistics, quite conclusive statistics but they do not paint the whole picture. If Arsenal had a run going like this, people would be frustrated over the club and Wenger, but he would never be sacked.

But Koeman isn’t Wenger. He is not the Godfather of Everton and if you are not the Godfather, you are disposable. His odds as a manager did not look good anyway and this Monday the same manager who was linked to FC Barcelona last summer was sacked.

Football is a funny game. One time you could be flying up high and the other time you could be so low, you literally hang on to your job on a match-to-match basis. Of course, there are exceptions to this, but for 99% of the managers out there – this is the rule. Show the club results and performances and you get to keep your job.

I was relieved to see Arsenal’s performance this Sunday. The Cohones comment seemed to work as the away team took the game to the toffees from the 1st minute. By the 10th minute, we should have been 2-0 up and all Rooney did do on hindsight was act like a sleeping policeman (“speed breakers” for those who have no idea what I am talking about) as he wrecked the momentum the team built up with a grade-A finish beyond Petr Cech.

Arsenal, however, retaliated in the best way possible as they did not step down a gear (apart from the 5 minutes post goal reconsolidation phase) as Monreal was alert enough to slot in a rebound in the 40th min.

Post-halftime (actually pre also) Ozil ran the show, one of the few times (really hope to see more) he showed us his true German self. His runs into the box are something we do not see him do often and Sunday was a delight to watch him frolick and terrorise defenders. Lacazette grows in confidence each time he plays and its good to see Lacazette, Sanchez and Ozil team up to run the show the way they did.

Arsenal’s passing and movement was impeccable and as the 90th min drew to a close it was one of those games which I did not want to end, just by sheer display of it. Oh yes, we did have a “Just for laughs – gags” moment that Monreal and Cech will probably laugh over when they retire, but the dip in mood was well compensated by Alexis Sanchez who became a right-footed Messi as he took the ball past 5 players with an exquisite run and finish.

People will talk about turning points, but this game was a no-show from Everton as they were out-classed from minute 1.

We face Norwich next game in the “Who Cares” cup, Swansea at home in the League and Red Star Brigade in the UEL. If we win these 3 games convincingly it’s going to be a huge confidence boost for us as we head into the Etihad Stadium to face the premier league leaders.

Beat City and then I post about turning points…till then…

I am just going to zip it.

Cruel Expectations..

They said they would start at 3:00 pm !You see this guy on the right?

I was like him on sunday. The only addition was that I had a peg of Jack Daniels beside me…

Every Arsenal fan has an expectation bar related to the club. If you consider the last few years, the season’s have been quite heart-wrenching. I personally know 2 of my friends who are fellow Gooners who take annual pledges (may start from October or even December) not to watch Arsenal games for a given time period, and post that “having the option” to watch them based on how the team is performing. They don’t do this because they are plastic fans. These guys have been supporting Arsenal for well over a decade, but sometimes it’s more important to look out for yourself over giving a shit about what the world thinks…

In the financial world, we use a term called “hedging” (it’s basically protecting your money from any financial harm) – well, in football and especially relevant to this context that is what Arsenal fans do. They hedge, by staying clear – against the heartbreak, the frustration, the repetitiveness, by moving themselves out of the equation.

A perfectly acceptable coping mechanism.

You will notice that I have not used the words “disappointment” while describing the typical Gooners sentiment to Arsenal. That is because it’s absolutely fine to be disappointed or embarrassed by a performance. This is football and its quite probable that if you face a world-class team, you can get thrashed OR you could be tactically outclassed or even wrongfully set up to ship in goals.

But there is a fine difference between getting disappointed and getting frustrated. The latter is toxic because it implies that the reason to get frustrated has occurred more than once over a given period of time.

Most Arsenal fans are frustrated since we have expectations at the club. For eg. 2 years ago when Leicester won the league, we expected Arsenal to challenge and win the league.

Did we come close to having our expectation fulfilled?

No. We finished 10 points of Leicester at 71 and 1 point ahead of Spurs.

Is it wrong to expect from your team ? Especially when you have a team that is worth in terms of transfer fees 335 million pounds (approximately) – I don’t think so.

As this season progresses, I cannot help but get a feeling that we have a long way to go ahead. We are in 4 competitions this year. But we are actually challenging for 2 and hoping for a top 4 finish. Thus, I have set up my expectations for Arsenal from the 2017-18 season.

The old me would say :

Win the premier league | Win the Europa League | Win the FA Cup.

But now, it’s slightly different. For starters, I am not drunk. Hence, my revised expectations are:

Top 4 finish | Europa League – semi-final | Win the FA Cup

We have the Europa League, we have the premier league and we have the FA Cup. 3 competitions we are focusing and fighting for – The premier league has 38 games, add to that 14 in the Europa League (if we reach the final) and another 6 games or so in the FA Cup. That’s about 58 games. I have not included the Carabao Cup because I don’t even consider it as a cup, but if you do, it’s safe to add another 5 games.

We are not secure defensively and we have not found our goal scoring form yet. Our last game vs Watford was a superb spectacle of my point above. Tak about holding it together for a bit and free-falling like a pack of cards. After Deeney put his spot-kick away one couldn’t help but feel Tom Petty’s free-falling playing in the background as this pathetic team sang to its tune. There are the 2 Manchester clubs which are looking better and better as each game progresses and the more time we lose in finding our rhythm the more likely we are to fall behind.

There are the 2 Manchester clubs which are looking better and better as each game progresses and the more time we lose in finding our rhythm the more likely we are to fall behind. United have conceded 2 goals in their first 8 games and City just shipped 7 past Stoke. Arsenal, on the other hand, can’t seem to get a grip on things.

A few weeks back we came off a world-class performance at Stamford Bridge and then Doncaster did an “Arsenal” on us as we struggled to ship in goals in a match where your first scoreline to bet would be 3-0 to the home side. Then we win a few games against sides which are playing shit themselves (no offence, we still needed to get the job done) – but these teams did not challenge Arsenal at all – West Brom, BATE and Brighton. 2 weeks later, we lose again.

It really is difficult for someone to assess how Arsenal is going to fare this season. But certain things are very clear – players are on the edge. There is no leader on the field that can communicate to these players to close the game, the manager is what he is and when shit hits the fan the players play like headless chickens i.e we have no clue how to react to adversity.

A true mark of champions. 

Before I finish this post, I just want to add what Wenger said after the Watford game :

‘Everybody’s shocked in the dressing room,’

no Shit Sherlock…

Add the word “world” instead of “dressing room” to that sentence and you would still be right…

Chelsea makes us optimistic..a tiny bit..


It was a cagey start as we kicked off that afternoon in Stamford Bridge.

You have two teams both playing the same formation, very strong in attack and light at the back intending to get at each others neck for 90 odd mins …what do you expect?

A classic school boy’s game indeed.

I have said before I am not a fan of the 3 man defense. I don’t think it’s a piece of cake and for a team to adopt it and implement it well would demand a very high level of structural discipline. But as 90 mins passed by yesterday, I felt for the first time in a long time, that there is a glimpse of discipline, at least defensively in this Arsenal side. 

I do not want to jinx our performance and the reason I write this is majorly due to Wenger forcing my hand to ‘expect the least’ from Arsenal – a measure I have adopted with open arms, in order to protect myself from getting frustrated.

In my preview regarding the key factor(s) in this game, I had cited :

The key, however, will be to defend strongly when Chelsea attack – be it counter-attack or normally. Kante will be hungry to nick the ball of any of our midfielders to start countering so nullifying him will help us immensely. Ozil needs to step up and maybe draw Kante out of his natural position in order to allow Ramsey & co better passage. Xhaka needs to be more aware and another lackluster performance by him can actually see him benched in the future. Players need to maintain their shape, even if they lose the ball. The Barcelona pressing system is something which won’t work very well against Chelsea becuase they prefer to distribute the ball and attack in numbers, so it’s better if we preserve our energy till it’s needed and not run the risk of losing our basic formational structure.

(Wow, I just quoted myself)

Chelsea did not have any response on Sunday. Sure, they had one real chance in the first half with Cech blocking Pedro, but apart from that, we did tame the champions at their own backyard. Are there areas where we could improve?

Definitely, but the performance we displayed could have won us this game if Lacazette had converted his chance because overall, we were the better team – something we have not been against Chelsea for a while (at least at Stamford Bridge, the Wembley victories are debatable)

The back 3 kept their shape and the entire midfield helped out. Xhaka had his periods of clumsiness and making me want to kill myself but apart from that, this was actually the first time Arsenal had a successful complete defensive formation since their win against City in 2015.

In the second half, we should have led but Lacazette missed a sitter. He did not have a good derby, the french-man. We know he can finish and he has a very clean technique of hitting the ball but today his head was someplace else.

Luiz was sent off in the 87th min as the referee showed him a direct red. In my opinion, I feel that the card was fair because Luiz’s attempt to get the ball back was pathetic as he lunged with his studs exposed on Kolasinac’s calf. Yes, Kolasinac was not injured but you can’t wait for players to have their legs snapped in order to lay some foundations with respect to reckless tackling. I will confess, as much as I love Arsenal I have always hated their ineptness in dealing with the top 6 of England.

I will confess, as much as I love Arsenal I have always hated their ineptness in dealing with the top 6 of England.

Sunday has given me some hope and optimism.

We may have not won but fans won’t be too sad. In fact, most Arsenal fans (myself included) did not think we would even get a point today, but not only did we get a point but also we almost beat Chelsea (the true wonder of expecting the least).

Its performances like these, are what I have missed at Arsenal. Until yesterday, I had very little hope that Arsenal would be better defensively – that we would finally be playing as a TEAM against our rivals and have a well-disciplined approach towards the game. Credit to Wenger for communicating this to the players on Sunday. It was a good response to the Liverpool debacle, a very good response indeed.

Can they perform like this consistently over 38 games, is something I hope to see but there is no doubt about the possibility or the potential they can reach if they play according to a game-plan and maintain team discipline.

I think I’ve said enough, expect us to lose at Doncaster this week…

Deadline day bullshit finally hits the fan…


So deadline day came to an end…and we lost sold Chamberlain. The transfer makes perfect sense.

Arsenal cashing in on AOC for 40 million pounds, instead of letting him go for free. What’s interesting is the fact that Chamberlain chose Liverpool despite almost ending up in Chelsea – the same player who refused a 180,000 pounds/week contract at Arsenal settled for less at Liverpool (I think it was 125,000).

It just goes to show that a players morale, which is crucial for mental balance in professional football is significantly influenced by the position in which they feel the best suited to play/contribute from. It’s not that Chamberlain did not want to play wing back but frankly speaking, it was not his preferred position.

At Chelsea, he would be in a team which is a better Arsenal with the same style of play. At Liverpool, he hopes to be the next Gerrard.

He was a good player and prospect. Majorly hard to assess fairly courtesy of Wenger’s incessant methods of playing him in the wrong position, but when he did put in performances the man was a delight to watch. He goes to a team where the manager shall put him to good use in a system that thrives on his strength i.e playing the ball through the middle and running at defenders with his pace and strength.

Thomas Lemar was scouted till 11 pm on deadline day. Arsenal again left it ‘neither later or early’  based on their deadline day past record, where they snap up deals hours before the window ends. Lemar, however, decided to stay put. Weighing his options he didn’t seem interested in moving to Arsenal – a team challenging for top 4, in the Europa League and prima facie lacking a level of competitiveness that top teams have.
I don’t understand why the decision to leave things so late is so readily accepted by the management at Arsenal. Lemar would have brought about (at best) marginal optimism at the Emirates. This is because Sanchez would then leave. We lose a world class player and gain a very hot prospect – I think my use of the word ‘marginal’ is correct in this analysis. I feel transfers of this nature should be actively pursued early and decisions need to be made. If we are interested in Leymar why should we bid 90+ at 9 pm on deadline day and show we are not interested 2 months (no bids, no talk)

Fans are upset with Wenger and his band of merry men and they have all right to be. Arsenal left it late and this time the plan didn’t work out. But surprise-surprise there is no plan B. Before the window started the objective was standard and simple –

  • Keep the world class talent at Arsenal.
  • Ship out dead-wood and over-valued players
  • Recruit talent for positions where we seem to be short.

Have we done these?

  • Yes. But the way isn’t exactly how we imagined it would be. Sanchez should have been offered the wages he has been demanding because he deserves it. He has been an exceptional leader and his value is significant to us on every level. Now Sanchez is here and is expected to play. All we can do is hope he is mentally present for Arsenal, at least until January 1st.
  • Yes. Lucas Perez, Gibbs and Gabriel were all sold. But idiots like Walcott, Bellerin still sit pretty on the wage bill. Xhaka has been abysmal this season but he needs another 6 months of performing like this to be labeled ‘ a waste of space’ (he’s getting there though)
  • Lacazette was signed. Kolasinac was signed. An attacker and a versatile defender. Fair enough. But the lack of a disciplined tactical approach will make these signings pointless, which I fear will be the case with Wenger.

Both players did not start vs Liverpool in order to be rested for the international break this week. Tactics at its best.

I honestly have accepted that Arsenal will finish 7th this season. Top 4 is now, unfortunately, the real objective and we are in September.

Under Wenger, the situation seems to be neglected all the time. Actual issues like defensive formations and tactics are thrown out the window as we chose to defend like school boys and get humiliated thereafter. The more this is ignored by the manager, Arsenal fans should get used to the 3-0, 4-1 score lines because we will be having that more often than naught this season.

My request to all Arsenal fans…

This season isn’t going to be pretty.

Imagine you’re in school, and for no reason, Timmy (Class clown) thinks it funny to scratch the chalk board with his compass.

That terrible screech. It’s going to be like that. Honestly, it already feels like it.

Anyone remember that joke that never gets old with an Arsenal fan? No, not this one.

Arsenal 4th

The other one.

The one which says that an Arsenal fan is immune to heartbreak because while heartbreak happens to people once in a while, Gooners have their heart broken every single season.

Thus we turn skeptical and sometimes even if people do not want to admit it, a tad bitchy (not to mention, pessimism is bred too!)

Justified ?


If you don’t think so, try and support Arsenal for a decade. As I had written earlier, 4 years 1 month and 24 days ago :

But to see Arsenal is like to see a diver walking the plank and just standing there. Everybody waits in anticipation for the dive, for that lunge forward but it never happens. And it pisses the audience/me off so much….

I am not going to be all goody-goody and say that we should be united and stand behind the club (there are so many other blogs where you get stuff like that). To be honest with you, I actually do feel that even the skeptical ones are behind the club. They support the club and shed their hard earned money to see Arsenal (despite the circus show they pay to see)

This is a fact no doubt, I stand behind Arsenal. 100%.

Behind Wenger?


But as far as the Arsenal is concerned, I am there all 38+ games of the season.

(FYI, before I get all the hate in the world concerning I am not behind Wenger comment, please, I do not care. If I disagree with his tactics, I just disagree. It is what it is, nothing personal.)

I am just going to leave you with this.

Don’t sit idle and watch the Arsenal, if you are not going to be vocal about things which really piss you off. To the fans going to the stadium, please DO shout at the players(especially that bozo Walcott) and go livid if we perform at a level which doesn’t meet your expectations.

You are the backbone of the club and no matter people say, you will always remain the backbone of this great institution. 

Let’s not kid ourselves okay? We know it’s already frustrating us to see Arsenal playing like they were last season. If you have any doubts regarding this, just think about our last game vs Stoke and the lack of ideas. I think things will be clear.

It’s been 180 minutes and this is our state. We have another 3240+ minutes left.

Doesn’t look good, does it?