To those of you who have visited this site for the first time, welcome.

I’m DKD and I have been supporting Arsenal since 2007, but unofficially since FIFA 99 where I always preferred Arsenal in the quick match section vs Manchester United.

In 2007, I saw my first game, absolutely unintentionally, Arsenal vs Manchester United. Rooney put United ahead, but Van Persie equalised in the 81st min and then in the 93rd min, some guy named Martin Tyler said :

Henrryyyyyyy……with a minute to go, the big man scores a goal at the expense of Manchester United.

I am a little new to this, but I rather blog honestly than sugar coat and window-dress.

Whenever possible I shall try to give references and quotes for my opinions and why I have them.

I do believe in accountability and if I make a wrong call I will be the first one to write about my mistake too. I have no inclination of being pessimistic or brutal on Arsenal, I just write based on my expectations of this amazing club.

Please read on, comment on and don’t hold back the feedback.