To those of you who have visited this site for the first time, welcome.

I’m DKD and I have supported Arsenal since 2007, but unofficially since FIFA 99 where I always preferred Arsenal and a player called Henry to Manchester United and a player called Giggs for some reason. My tipping point came in 2007 when I heard Martin Tyler say :

Henrryyyyyyy……with a minute to go, the big man scores a goal at the expense of Manchester United.

I may have paraphrased but this was it, this was the quote which made me shift to North London. I am a little new to this, but I rather blog honestly than sugar coat and window-dress.

Whenever possible I shall try to give references and quotes for my opinions and why I have them. I do believe in accountability and if I make a wrong call I will be the first one to write about my mistake too. I have no inclination of being pessimistic or brutal on Arsenal, I just write based on my expectations of this amazing club.

Please read on, comment on and don’t hold back the feedback.