Welcome to Arsenal FC – Mediocrity at it’s best

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If you are an Arsenal fan – I empathise with the depression. It’s not easy to see your team go down to mediocrity for the same reasons all the fucking time.

This sick mentality of ill-managing players is so biannual, yet, it has become a thing at Arsenal.

The problem with this mindset is that it’s a sure-shot recipe for failure.

I am sick and tired of this merry-go-round type of attitude where we sacrifice the long-term to get by the short-term.

Of course, Arsenal will go on either way. Tomorrow I can actually stop breathing and still, Arsenal will go on…that’s not the point.

The point is to make some cold much-needed decisions to make sure we are not part of this spiral called “lose your best players and cope, rinse and repeat”

Surely this cannot be the first time this has happened at Arsenal. We lost Van Persie, we got Sanchez. We lost Henry and we got Van Persie. We lost Flamini, Hleb in the trio we had to get Nasri and then we lost him too.

Take SAF’s United. The fundamental team remained the same – Ferdinand, Vidic, Evra, Rooney and to some point Ronaldo. Any top team needs to keep its top players, this isn’t college level sports, its fucking common sense.

Wenger knows this, as stated in all his press conferences etc. Still, nothing concrete is EVER DONE! 

If you set your ambition at the Carabao Cup, to 4th place, if your attitude is such that you only talk and talk but there is truly nothing to show for it, then that’s just cheap talk.

We can go on and on about the problems at Arsenal, but the real core issues are that we do not address those areas that we need to – and this talk about “We are searching every day” really does have a limit to it.

Is Arsenal FC the only club in the world to deploy scouts and search for top talent?

Why will the top talent come here if they don’t see the point in really uplifting their careers? Sure Arsene Wenger must be a great mentor and coach and one can learn so many things from him, but are the names Pep Guardiola, Mourinho and Antonio Conte less?

I will never forgive Wenger for letting Sanchez go to Manchester United. It is going to happen twice. Think for a moment, when Van Persie left us and won the league at United. He let him go to a direct rival. He let him go…

Now, he’s doing the same thing with Sanchez. I think Arsenal should keep Sanchez – let him run out of his contract at the club and then let him do what he wants. If he then goes to United/City or wherever, it will not matter.

I have been vocal about Wenger leaving for over 5 seasons now, yet somehow 4th place is rewarded, FA Cup victories just about cover the horrendous season and accountability is a fantasy belief that never-ever comes to anything – because it doesn’t matter.

Arsenal isn’t a top team anymore, it is a mere shadow of itself.

While others have gone miles ahead and made cold harsh decisions, Arsenal has voluntarily stayed behind because of ill management and laughable behaviour, except for the business side of things – we still have the most expensive tickets in England.

I am just disgusted to see that nothing has changed and now I am convinced that nothing will change in the future until the Godfather is removed from the club – something as probable as animals starting to talk…

Ah fuck it, I need to go to work…

2 thoughts on “Welcome to Arsenal FC – Mediocrity at it’s best

  1. arsenal fans should stop complaining and the right by boycotting the emirate stadium for atleast three weeks by the board will refund ticket money maybe that will teach some sense that send a clear message to the club and wenger that the fans are not happy they have become a subject of mediocrity.


  2. No, that is never going to happen because of something called “Human Nature” and “Expectations”
    Its a worthless spiral of bullshit that goes round and round and we will be fortunate if it ends. Not likely to happen though


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