Walcott…the legend



If Theo Walcott can just be used right, he will be as good as Lionel Messi – the delusional guy who had 6 beers and is speaking rubbish

Hope all is going well in the Arsenal sphere this year – the below checklist should give us a good idea.

Sell Alexis in the summer because its inevitable he will leave – check

Why would someone want to stay at Arsenal anyway – a mediocre, mid-table team that can’t seem to sort it’s shit out despite the faults gaping at any neutral.

Not workout the ideal formation so that the defence can be as terrible as it was for 5 seasons ago – check

Chelsea, last season, used the 3-4-3 and conceded 33 goals. This season we have already conceded 28 and we have played 22 games. Even Burnley, who are 7th have let in 19.

Keep faith in Walcott so that he may turn into a star one day – like Drogba – check

Maybe Walcott is having a bad time because of the position he plays. In the newly adopted 3-4-3, a formation that deploys wing-backs as wingers to aid in attack Walcott will never-ever fit in. Why? Because he can’t defend.

So what do we do with him? May down the middle? – but Lacazette will not be happy and given that the french-man is miles ahead of Walcott, why would we engage in such a stupid decision?

Maybe Wenger is sadistic that way.

I just want to repost something I had written in on 5th January 2012 – 6 years back (post the QPR match)

I don’t know what to make of Theo Walcott because to be neutral I do not think he fits in at Arsenal. Yes, this is more criticism directed at the Englishman, but this time he deserves it. He was atrocious that day, and it makes me wonder why Wenger allows Theo to continue this way. If you think about it Walcott is a regular starter at Arsenal, and having a  player like him as a starter shows you how depleted the clubs ambitions are. Walcott is quick, but what good does it do if he cannot use his brain on a football field. Against QPR he was through 1 on 1 with the keeper only to send his scuffed toothless shot right of the post AFTER eyeing up the goal. Chamberlain will give him good competition but let’s face it the boy will not replace Theo this season. That Wenger will make sure of. He likes getting the player ready before putting them on the pitch. Theo was probably an experiment which has turned out very badly. Not only is he inconsistent but also dull when it comes to certain situations on the pitch. Surprisingly he is ‘gifted’ the same situations game after game and even then he fails to capitalise. When he does we feel he will improve but let us be real, we have been feeling that for quite some time now.