Doncaster need this more than us…

Carabao Arsenal Team

A little history about our opponents before you read on, okay ?

They play in League 1, having been promoted last season from League 2. They lost their last home game on Sunday vs Scunthorpe 0-1 and over the last 3 seasons they have finished 3rd, 21st and 13th.

This game is not even a formality. It’s the Carabao Cup and this tournament will just add to the fixture list this year.

In terms of a hierarchy of competitions in order of importance and priority, I feel the order below is correct :

  1. The English premier league (or a top 4 finish)
  2. The Europa League
  3. FA Cup
  4. Not the Carabao Cup

It just doesn’t do it for me, number 4. It’s as good as saying that the community shield is a trophy like the Emirates Cup is a piece of silverware that every professional football team wants.

There are no stakes here. I hope to see Arsenal win convincingly and if they lose, our confidence in this Arsenal team will sink to a new low. I mean, if we cannot beat Doncaster(with no disrespect) at home, we should just forfeit the tournament.

In the event of us losing however, there definitely will be a bright side (apart from hell we will feel inside) since to be frank this competition is a burden on us.

The team should consist of the raw and unseen talent from the reserves and fringe first team players coming back from injury or hoping to get their season in motion – players like Jack Wilshere, Debuchy, Giroud and that idiot Walcott should start to give us some level of experience.

lineup (3).png

In reality this game is a confidence booster game and I expect Arsenal to perform well against Doncaster especially after the fundamentally strong defensive performance vs Chelsea last game. Keeping those same principles in mind we should approach this game in that manner.

Tickets are being sold as low as 10 pounds and still apparently nobody gives a shit – so it does give you some perspective regarding the expectations fans have at Arsenal. Sure, if we win the cup it’s going to be included as a “trophy” won however speaking strictly from a long term fundamental point of view this trophy won’t be significant.

Let’s just hope we get to see the Niles and the Nelson’s of tomorrow and have a good enjoyable game.

Predicted Score :

Arsenal 1-0 Doncaster. I don’t expect much, that way if we win 2-0 or even 3-0 I will feel happier.



2 thoughts on “Doncaster need this more than us…

  1. I feel Jeff reine aldelaid should be included in this competition. Last year he was promoted to the senior squad, but we are yet to see him in action properly. I just hope he gets some game time.


  2. Well, he may be given a start. Given the importance of this competition I think it will be a good idea to give him some play time, but clearly, there are others who are favoured over the Frenchman.


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