My request to all Arsenal fans…

This season isn’t going to be pretty.

Imagine you’re in school, and for no reason, Timmy (Class clown) thinks it funny to scratch the chalk board with his compass.

That terrible screech. It’s going to be like that. Honestly, it already feels like it.

Anyone remember that joke that never gets old with an Arsenal fan? No, not this one.

Arsenal 4th

The other one.

The one which says that an Arsenal fan is immune to heartbreak because while heartbreak happens to people once in a while, Gooners have their heart broken every single season.

Thus we turn skeptical and sometimes even if people do not want to admit it, a tad bitchy (not to mention, pessimism is bred too!)

Justified ?


If you don’t think so, try and support Arsenal for a decade. As I had written earlier, 4 years 1 month and 24 days ago :

But to see Arsenal is like to see a diver walking the plank and just standing there. Everybody waits in anticipation for the dive, for that lunge forward but it never happens. And it pisses the audience/me off so much….

I am not going to be all goody-goody and say that we should be united and stand behind the club (there are so many other blogs where you get stuff like that). To be honest with you, I actually do feel that even the skeptical ones are behind the club. They support the club and shed their hard earned money to see Arsenal (despite the circus show they pay to see)

This is a fact no doubt, I stand behind Arsenal. 100%.

Behind Wenger?


But as far as the Arsenal is concerned, I am there all 38+ games of the season.

(FYI, before I get all the hate in the world concerning I am not behind Wenger comment, please, I do not care. If I disagree with his tactics, I just disagree. It is what it is, nothing personal.)

I am just going to leave you with this.

Don’t sit idle and watch the Arsenal, if you are not going to be vocal about things which really piss you off. To the fans going to the stadium, please DO shout at the players(especially that bozo Walcott) and go livid if we perform at a level which doesn’t meet your expectations.

You are the backbone of the club and no matter people say, you will always remain the backbone of this great institution. 

Let’s not kid ourselves okay? We know it’s already frustrating us to see Arsenal playing like they were last season. If you have any doubts regarding this, just think about our last game vs Stoke and the lack of ideas. I think things will be clear.

It’s been 180 minutes and this is our state. We have another 3240+ minutes left.

Doesn’t look good, does it?