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GoonerKam writes :

So the last we spoke was after the torts game and you were ripping into the team and club and AW. We go on a 9 win one draw run and you feel better now. Or maybe feeling like crap for having zero faith. You must be young and don’t know the meaning of support or believing in a cause or principles. Lucky you. I have the perfect person for you to watch and learn from. His name is ARSENE and he bigger balls than any other manger of a major club that I know of. Watch and learn from him loyalty, steadfast belief in his vision and principles, belief in the right way of playing the game and teaching it, strength of character in the face of unbelievable odds and much more. And how to be man and never whining when the going gets tough.

Maybe next year you will grow a mind of your own and not just repeating the media line and falling for the games our opponents plan for the weak of mind.  Maybe then the ARMOURY WOULD BE CONSIDERED A SPECIAL BLOG.

Like the club crest you picked for the site.
I guess that’s something.

Response :

Its been a long time, and I completely accept that. But to see Arsenal is like to seeing a diver walking the plank and just standing there. Everybody waits in anticipation for the dive, for that lunge forward but it never happens. And it pisses the audience/me off so much….

You say I have no faith.

I accept that I do not have faith in Arsenal winning the premier league with the current Arsenal team, forget the champions league.

And I know I have not asked every single gooner in the world, but I am pretty sure if you ask them too, majority will agree with me.

Faith is something, and blind faith is something. There is a sharp distinction between them. In simple words, the latter means “I don’t care who or what, I believe in you.” Whereas the former means “You have shown me reason to believe and I do believe in you.” I like to associate myself with the former. The only issue here is that Wenger has pissed me off (and continues to do so) so much that for my own health I need to avoid Arsenal completely.

I don’t agree with your opinions on Wenger. I personally believe that he is not the man who he used to be. I am not saying he has lost it all I am saying is that if he was a lion, now he is the image below(right) :

ImageHe makes stupid decisions, but this is not what worries me. People have bad days in the office, and that happens to everybody…

What actually worries me is that he refuses to learn from them. The season before last, when Van Persie carried the team home, he said he was going to look into the matter. What did he do ? Signed 3 players and sold 2 first team players, one of which was Van Persie himself. We were out of the the title race in both campaigns before New Years.

I believe in principles, but those principles I choose for myself. For instance, I for one don’t consider Arsenal to be the team known for “qualifying for the champions league.” I expect them to REALISTICALLY challenge for trophies every season. They never live up to my expectation, and that is what ticks me off.

Last summer we spend money on Giroud and Podolski as strikers. This time it is Higuain, who apparently has to just sign to make his transfer official.

A friend of mine met him in London, the man says that he loves the place and flies often when he gets a break in Madrid. Surprisingly he also told my friend that “he was the only person who recognised him that day”, and this was at a mall.

I have watched alot of Madrid games, and the problem with Higuain is that he misses chances that ought to be tucked away, and this comes into prominence against top teams like FC Barcelona. I am not saying that he is going to be a flop at Arsenal all I am insinuating is that Arsenal fans should not be content. Just because Wenger WILL break the Arsenal transfer record that does not mean everything will be fine and dandy. Sadly, they will i.e people will be content.

I worry for Higuian. Its not that he can’t finish, I just feel Wenger will burn him off too fast if he clicks. This is the same thing which happened to Fabregas, Van Persie etc. The over-reliance on one player to carry an entire team. Its shocking in terms of how is it allowed to happen. But the transfer window has just opened today, so in respect of that I’ll with-hold my opinion for atleast a few weeks.

Also, Higuian is not the answer to all Arsenal’s problems. The issues are internal, with the defense, with portions of the midfield. Its similar to Barcelona. Barcelona won LaLiga last year, equaling Mourinho’s points tally. But you could see this Barca side was one dimensional, over-reliant on one person and had no defensive shape. This is why they got pummeled against an efficient Bayern Munich and Real Madrid(CopaDel Rey).

Arsenal need a right back, and a centreback. Sagna should be sold and a replacement brought in. I heard a few rumours about Vermaelen on Barcelona’s radar. I know its rubbish, but if Arsenal get a good sum for him, he may be considered to be sold as well. But knowing Wenger, he may keep him on for one more year to give him time. I don’t disagree with Wenger, but if we get 15-18 for him(never going to happen), I rather get the money and re-invest in the squad.

What else will I blog about ? Mourinho’s return, Suarez’ antics or a mouth watering rivalry between Madrid and Barcelona if Bale moves to Spain. There is nothing happening in the Arsenal camp, and everybody is so excited. For what ??? The prospect that the Arsenal transfer record will be broken.

I will be posting more often from now on as it has been a long holiday. But to post on Arsenal is becoming monotonous. Life has to be more interesting with other clubs as well. Looking at the current situation, I might just have to explore that option.


5 thoughts on “In response to a fellow Gooner…..

    1. Its not like my expectations are copyright protected. Its a simple expectation that your club should play to win trophies. What ticks me off is when a team never lives up to its potential.

      For example – I don’t expect Spurs to win the premier league, so them not winning wont bother me much. But I expect Arsenal to challenge for trophies every time they go out an play. Seeing them not do that is what ticks me off.


  1. You assume Arsene sold don’t realise that the whiner actually refused to sign a new contract and insisted on moving out even after AW signed three new players..even after saying that he wouldn’t play for any other team…(months later he would trash Arsenal and AW with his talk of harassment) that attitude my friend, is what should tick you off!

    Of course Carzola and Giroud were completely unknown then…Podolski was the only known brand….but look who shone at the end of the season. That is what vision is…but of course you have already written of AW as a pussycat…so there is no discussion here.

    Persie carried the team yes…but after how many seasons did the idiot actually show up to two matches in a row on his own two legs? and who kept faith in him?

    The fact that Wenger didn’t play hard ass and ship him out of the Premiership was because Persie wanted it…not because of the money. This is perhaps a season after eons that we have no ‘stars’ creating a fuss in the transfer window…so lets shut up and see how we can perform with some consistency with the team and on the field.


    1. We have no stars. Who is going to create a fuss. Everybody who you can consider a star came last season. And this is not Football Manager that you ship out of players when you feel like.

      Van Persie left after declining to sign a contract. What do you expect him to do ? As I said the over-reliance of the team on one person, what do you expect ? He will get tired, exhausted. How much will a person do ?

      I’m sorry but Cazorla and Giroud were known quite well. Cazorla was Malaga’s star, Giroud led Montpellier to the title.

      And what harassment talk are you talking about. Van Persie still respects Wenger alot, and he acknowledges Wenger for making the transfer go through.


  2. DKD makes a lot of sense. Why should he be content with failure and 4th place as a trophy? There are two kinds of Arsenal fans; (1) the ones that accept and are satisfied the club as a champions league playoff, not winning trophies side with a dialed down version of the tiki taka style (2) the ones that are ticked off and actually want the club to challenge for titles, win trophies and not have to be fighting 4th with Spurs. I am fortunate to be in the latter.

    The thing is the 1’s will always believe Wenger is the greatest even when it is blatantly clear that he has lost his touch. He can’t even spot talent as good as before if not Bale would be an Arsenal player by now. The guy is not on fergie or even Mourinho’s level. Its not 2000 its 2013. 4 years without a trophy is probably understandable but 8 years is really pushing it for a club like Arsenal. This isn’t a mid table side. I won’t believe in Wenger until there are more exceptional players/winners in the team that make me believe that I can believe in wenger.

    The current team as it stands will not win anything again next season and it’s overwhelmingly boring; 7/8 seasons of the same story. No amount of Arsene Wenger’s principles in this era will bring titles (save maybe capital one cup) back to Arsenal without some high class players in all areas of the team. It’s not pessimism it’s just fact. If changes are not implemented rapidly we are just a Liverpool waiting to happen; just without the spending excess money on average players. Wait a minute, 12 million pounds was spent on Giroud so we might just be in transition.


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