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I haven’t written for a long time, and honestly it has bothered me. But for Arsenal there should be something to write on and unless I find that posts in this blog shall remain rare. Now since, the season has drawn to its penultimate end, let me just throw out my opinion on the events of this season.

Arsenal finish 4th and celebrated as if they have won the champions league. I understand why the players celebrated the way they did after the Newcastle game. Getting 4th was immense for the club, and everybody including me had written them off. I for that matter, was so angry that I didn’t want them to qualify for the champions league, at least I felt that way then.

I supported the team in every match though, it was just that I told myself to accept the fact that we may not get 4th this season. The way I saw this as was not finishing 4th would  force Wenger to make drastic changes to his rigid policies.

I saw the last game of the season with my Dad, who often doesn’t watch football with me, but we have the occasional banter about Arsenal. He really likes to pull my leg because I’m an Arsenal fan. I started shouting when the Walcott ran towards goal and struck the post. People in the house thought I had gone crazy.”Come on, run Theo, run, finish it, finish it, come on, ahhhhhh”

It was a hard fought victory over Newcastle, a mere 0-1 result, but that was enough. And my MOTM was Laurent Koscielny who I feel the club must hold on to under whatever circumstances.

Sir Alex Ferguson is retiring. And honestly, I am sad. I disliked him because he was in charge of United, but my respect for his immense. He is a benchmark for what managers should strive to become. He is more than a Mourinho, because of his continuous loyalty towards one club. And he has won everything.  United did things in style this season, and the league was wrapped up when they established a 12 point lead over City.

I strongly believe that the quality of any team not only starts from the basics but also getting the job done in a consistent manner. My point can be well illustrated with an example. Manchester United grind out wins. Sometimes at Old Trafford, they come under a lot of pressure. They perform badly. And YET, despite all this, they grind out a 1-0 or 2-1 result. Sometimes they don’t even concede, in spite of playing in their own half for a good part of 90 mins.

And this is what Arsenal did for the latter half of the season.

I have a little stat which really commends this Arsenal team. We lost to Spurs at White Hart Lane, on 3rd March, 2013. Since then, Arsenal have played 10 games, winning 8 and drawing 2. That is 26 points out of 30. Respect.

I still think if Wenger does what he did last summer we won’t challenge for anything next season. And when I say challenge, I mean posing a realistic challenge. There is a chance he may do that, although he comments that they will be ‘proactive’ in the summer transfer window. But, haven’t we all heard that before.

In other news, I may be off to Seoul, Korea in a few days time, but when I come back I’ll start blogging regularly for next season. This year has been extremely busy and there was nothing to look out for as far as football was concerned. That is, apart from the champions league final between Dortmund and Bayern Munich.

I’m supporting the underdogs, just as those neutral people reading this post are. Human instinct, can’t really help it, can I ?