It all comes down to this – The Last Trophy

The Emirates on a champions league night

Here are the run-in’s for the premier league between Arsenal and Tottenham. Spurs currently sit on 57 points, and behind them Arsenal with 53. Chelsea is juxtaposed between the two teams on 55 points.

If you compare the below run-ins of both Arsenal and Spurs, Arsenal’s is easier. We have 5 home games, including our game in hand against Everton. Whereas Spurs have 4.

Also Spurs and Chelsea are both in the Europa League. And they are there to win it. Well, atleast it seems that way.


06 Apr Gameweek 32 West Brom (A)
13 Apr Gameweek 33 Norwich (H)
16 Apr Gameweek 33 Everton (H)
20 Apr Gameweek 34 Fulham (A)
28 Apr Gameweek 35 Man Utd (H)
04 May Gameweek 36 QPR (A)
12 May Gameweek 37 Wigan (H)
19 May Gameweek 38 Newcastle (A)

07 Apr Gameweek 32 Everton (H)
14 Apr Gameweek 33 Chelsea (A)
21 Apr Gameweek 34 Man City (H)
27 Apr Gameweek 35 Wigan (A)
04 May Gameweek 36 Southampton (H)
12 May Gameweek 37 Stoke City (A)
19 May Gameweek 38 Sunderland (H)


Our home games include Norwich, Everton, Manchester United and Wigan. Of these, Arsenal should be able to see of at least 4 opponent’s (excluding United). Spurs however have 4 home games, one of which is against Manchester City. Of the remaining 3, only Everton may pose to be an obstacle.

The dark horse for both teams is Everton. In comparison to Wigan, Norwich and Southampton and Sunderland (SPURS) Everton is the only side which can cause a setback to both London clubs.


Arsenal’s away games does pose quite the challenge. West Brom(43), Fulham(33), QPR(23) and Newcastle(33) are all good teams with QPR being the only team fighting for survival. Both Fulham and Newcastle are 9 points away from Wigan, which occupies spot 17 on the table (24). But at least 3 wins is mandatory, the dicey game being QPR/Newcastle.

For Spurs it is a little more complex. Their 4 away games include Stoke City, Wigan, Chelsea. Each tie is an obstacle – even Wigan because they are in the relegation zone.

Although Arsenal are favorites to get the 4th spot in the league yet things can change really quickly – especially because there is EVERYTHING to fight for among these 3 teams in this mini-trio league of ‘theirs.’

PS : Not considered Chelsea because the goal is to beat Spurs, who are ahead of them.

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