Arsenal’s consistency is appalling…..


Did you catch the North London Derby ? I did. And I must say that it was exceptionally shitty. Blank for a second, ok, let me explain. I don’t find Spurs a very good club, and given the fact that they beat Arsenal with a 2-1 scoreline just goes on to prove my point even further. These says beating Arsenal is no big deal, and it will continue to be so until something changes in the club. FACT. Period

Apart from the routine shambolic defending which the club consistently display week-in and week out, this time it was the irrelevant contribution of the attack which made this derby even more atrocious. Arsenal had 2 shots on target  of 11 shots taken, one of which was a deflected goal by Mertersacker…. **clapping**

As a supporter of Arsenal I now view matches in a different perspective. I don’t look towards the weekends, have stopped tracking the Arsenal news and lately I choose to ignore the ‘stinging comments’ from people in my social life.

Its not that I don’t support Arsenal anymore, its just that I have lost faith in my team due to its consistent mediocrity shown throughout the years. Arsenal believe it or not are a mediocre team and have been a mediocre team for the last 3 years. People will question my premise by saying Arsenal have consistently finished in the top 4 for more than a decade or so and that the top 4 teams of any league cannot be mediocre because they play in the highest level of club competition in Europe. Yet, do riddle me this :

In 2009-10 Arsenal finished 3rd(75) 11 points behind champions Chelsea(86). 11 points adrift of 2nd place (85)

In 2010-11 Arsenal finished 4th(68) 12 points behind champions Manchester United(80). 3 points adrift from the top 2(71)

In 2011-12 Arsenal finished 3rd (70) 19 points behind champions Manchester City/ United(89).

Please tell me you are seeing a trend here.

Right now Arsenal are 24 points behind United with 10 matches to play. Forget the rest.

I know I crib. I know I get pissed off, but is it wrong for me to get pissed off at Arsenal for not even TRYING to compete. Some idiots will consistently say, “Get behind your team, now is the time they need it the most.”

Well, have I not been behind them all these years. I don’t ask much from Arsenal. I literally don’t. All I ask is for the club to remain competitive. Is that also too much ?

I don’t live in London, so I will never have an option to go and see games. Honestly, I’m glad because I rather spends 75 pounds on something worthwhile.

Today morning, I happen to glance over news reports(BBC) that Wenger stopped Bould from holding his training sessions after the first few games of the season, opting to go back to his traditional ‘mute’ defending methods.


This has helped us in leaps and bounds. Conceding 2 in the first 5 which included City and Liverpool, now we’ve bagged 30 more.

PS : And for those who say its one more than United. lets be honest, its not that United have a fantastic defense, they just compensate the goals conceded via their attack.

5 thoughts on “Arsenal’s consistency is appalling…..

  1. Yawnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn….more whining and so-called ¨facts¨ from AFC’s moaner in chief. Save your time andmoney and drop Football all together or support United, since they are your model against which all else is judged. you won’t be missed.


  2. Ingrate you don’t deserve to have this great team as the team you support.take away the manure chelski. Shitty
    the fucking clubs on dope and what have you got.
    ARSENAL finishing first every year.
    Instead of understanding what the club is going through during this transition time and fucking teams that use their money to bully the rest from position and title all you disloyal punks do is ask for more and call the true support idiots.
    you Are entitled to nothing and you demand nothing. The club is 100% better off without your brand of pseudo support. Go support psg or some such team if you don’t have balls to support during bad times and good.


    1. Oh my God.Do you think Arsenal is broke ? That they don’t have money to spend. And what do you mean the club is better off without supporters. Its because of people like you who go week in and week out to witness garbage that they continue to DO nothing.

      Understanding what the club is going through ? Yeah, its cancer. And what transition period are you talking about ?


  3. DKD – I’m with you. Lest we forget, a recap of this season:
    – We sell our best player to our biggest rival, replace him with an inferior player
    – We had a shite defense last year, as well as a shite keeper and we did nothing to improve
    – We continue to spend big money on bench warmers or players who just aren’t very good or are ruined by playing for Arsenal
    – We get knocked out of two trophy competitions by inferior team, again
    – Hoping for 4th place has replaced settling for 4th place.

    Not sure what team you all are watching, but can you be proud of the team that played at Spurs? It has become an unorganized mess on the pitch, NOT Arsenal Football.

    Arsne has lost the plot.


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