Arsenal embarrass supporters yet again (Arsenal 1-3 Bayern Munich)

WengerI saw the Bayern Munich match with a lot of interest. As a team Bayern Munich reek of quality. They have a strong midfield and a strong foundation at the back. The statistics speak for themselves having conceded only 7 goals in the Bundesliga before yesterday’s kick off. In response to such a stat, many critics will state the quality of the Bundesliga is not at par with the premier league. While I completely agree on this point its a very shabby excuse. Arsenal have conceded 29 goals this season all be it playing 4 more games than Bayern Munich. Although I agree there is a  difference between the 2 leagues yet it is not vast enough for Arsenal having any excuse to concede more than 4 times as many goals as Munich. Also, its significant to note that Munich and Dortmund both topped their champions league groups with the latter placed in the group of death.

Yesterday Arsenal started the game well, but by the 7th min Wenger’s world was turned upside down as Toni Kroos, a product of the Bayern Munich youth academy smashed in a superb volley beyond Szczesny. The Arsenal defense was thrust into the spotlight again for all the wrong reasons (this is becoming a habit), but to be honest Kroos volley was too good. From that point the Arsenal hit a mental block.

Its important for us to understand that before the 7 min Arsenal were not playing badly. But Kroos goal shell shocked the team, and they looked broken after his volley. In the 21st minute, the second goal was a shambolic one to concede. Szczesny’s fumbled as Muller capitalised. Bayern Munich had 2 away goals within 21 mins.

Posloski did pull one back in the second half. It was a cheap goal for Bayern to concede. a finger can easily be directed towards the Germans for not taking responsibility as an unmarked Podolski guided the ball home after it took a bounce from the corner.

This goal opened the game up as Arsenal had an incentive to attack. Ofcourse, this made them susceptible to a quick Bayern counter-attack. This goal should be shown to the Arsenal defense to teach them the adverse effects of holding a narrow back-line. Robben got the ball on the right moved central in turn encouraging Vermaelen towards him before playing a reverse ball to the overlapping Philip Lahm on the right. Mario Mandzukic claimed the 3rd as he finished the game with a simple poke of a Lahm assist.


It unlikely for Arsenal to knock out Bayern in the Germany. If you want to bet on it, then I guess you do have a lot of money to waste. Before this trip Arsenal have 2 important games against Spurs and Everton, both contenders for the top 4. Its important for them to win these 2 games because getting into the top 4 will be crucial for next season. (Do I sound familiar to you ?)

I strongly believe that the quality of any team not only starts from the basics but also getting the job done in a consistent manner.

My point can be well illustrated with an example. Manchester United grind out wins. Sometimes at Old Trafford, they come under a lot of pressure. They perform badly. And YET, despite all this, they grind out a 1-0 or 2-1 result. Sometimes they don’t even concede, inspite of playing in their own half for a good part of 90 mins.

In short, Arsenal have to perform in this way if they want to hear the champions league anthem next season. It just has to happen.

If you have read this blog you will know I generally and rightfully blame Wenger for Arsenal’s lacuna in performance. This time I just don’t care.

On a personal note, I WAS always convinced Arsenal would not win anything this season. Not the way they have been performing, no way in hell. But if things look up, we might get top 4, and since that is a trophy one might as well be content that our season has gone well.

You support Arsenal, and you are a worthy supporter\gooner, but does the management value you as a supporter.

Do YOU think they value your support ?

I don’t think so.


15 thoughts on “Arsenal embarrass supporters yet again (Arsenal 1-3 Bayern Munich)

  1. It would be nice to win something tangible, other than a top 4 finish in the EPL but against teams like Bayern and the free-spending Barca,Real and PSG there is little likelihood. Even our EPL winner and CL champion couldn’t make it as far as we have. This has NOT been a stellar season but the question whether the Club cares about or values its supporters is simply meaningless posturing from you again DKD. By the way, where do you get the idea that you are rightfully blaming Wenger for Arsenal’s lacunae? Why not blame fans like you who demean and criticize the Club, not from a realistic foundation that you like to pretend you have but from an intense and ingrained blinkered and unfair dislike for Wenger and the management.


    1. Lets see.

      No winter transfers which can help the squad. No coaching of the defense. Highest ticket prices in England. Competing for nothing with 2 months to go for the season to conclude (apart from the top 4 trophy).

      I was wrong, the club/management does values me as a supporter.


  2. Your effort at writing a blog matches arsenal’s quality on the pitch. I bet Arse-anal have conceded more goals from non-first division team than munich have conceded in the whole season.

    You played well for 6 minutes???? Lol what a joke u have turned your blog into mate matches the hillarity of your manager and your performances! Its 90 minute game and not sure if the depression has pushed into drugs mate but bayern could have finished that game at 5, 6 or even 7-1 you were thoroughly trashed you are not even in the same league.

    If u dont care then dont blog it shows in the quality, worst one I have read yet. Maybe just send the one person besides myself that commented a private message. There is so much off the pitch the fans irate anger, wengers media meltdown rumours of extended contract signing and u havent writte anything for weeks and this is the crap u turn up with?

    Maybe you have hit your on the wall watching the arse play but there is no way in HELL you are making top four, making europa will be an accomplishment for either you or liverpool!

    Now go ahead and shamelessly delete my post, you’ve become as arrogant as you accuse wenger of being but hey it shows in the result of both your work.

    Was a huge admirer of your blog but reread this blog any angle u look at it, it doesnt seem like DKD wrote go read your other classic pieces, plus you now delete posts you dont like for no fucking reason. Pls whoever u are go to Hell and bring DKD back.


  3. Read the Arsenal way and arsenal and arsene wenger are a joke. You used to write classics most importantly the sign of a good writer is when u can gage his emotion through their writing. Unfortunately that has gone straight down the toilet bowl with you. You used to write and whether ppl liked it or not they responded cause your stance was clear and they respected it and felt they had to weigh in. Basically you used to not give a fuck and ppl respected you for it. Then some claimed you were overly negative and exposed the boards corruption of which they must profit unless they are covert spurs fans.

    That unfortunately got to your head to the point even your blog subtitle where blogging is about honesty not pessimism? Really are u kidding me? Who gives a flying fuck? Unfortunately you do and so in your pathetic attempt to water down your blog to the likes of nobodies. The natural in-congruency have a) produced pure crap like this blog you have written above. After shamelessly disappearing after the biggest loss in AFC history Blackburn and the mauling of Bayern you claim and I quote “it is unlikely that Arsenal will knock out Bayern in Germany”?!?!?! What a genius? Unlikely you say? More like impossible, there is a better chance a comet will knock out the Earth than arse knocking out bayern.

    If you dont care pls dont write it is so obvious to spot the dispassionate tone. Its almost as if these covert spud fans calling u pessimist got to you. You been shamelessly been deleting my comments and thus also producing shameless pieces u pass off blogs. The ever increasing comment section of every subsequent blog (written diahrea) is a great indication of the quality of your blog. Pls do us all a favor and just be yourself like u used to be or if u are too cowardly (like deleting my previous posts) have the covert spud fans write your blog.

    Its a sad sight to see another talent go to waste!


    1. This blog reveals what I feel and what I saw in the match. Arsenal were playing well uptil the 7th min and then Kroos’ goal changed everything. Fact. Even if I want to write that they were shambolic during the full 90 mins, I wont, because they were not.

      If you want me to go on saying the same thing about Wenger, no, I wont. I don’t believe in Wenger and I am fully aware that you know it. But that does not mean that in every post I shred the man apart.

      And yes, I have been deleting your posts because you fail to adhere to the Note* above. (Always choosing different aliases to comment via the same email) So if this is your final name(ash cole) lets have a discussion on my post(s).


      1. Bah I prefer much more level headed respondents and more consistent analysis. I saw stan’s arsenal arsenal blog and that is prolly run by an inbred or Stan himself, is there a difference? Stan ought to try posting at there is an awesome piece of the self-sustaining model and how 6th will force you to sell any stars u got left what joke!

        As for you DKD do wte u like, I dont care but how you can use my facts of highest gates in the country and most my dead accurate predictions as well as hypocritically contradict whilst deleting my posts is beyond. But its a free world u can do what u like but I refuse to discuss garbage which is sadly what this blog has turned into in my opinion. I will check in from time to time hoping the real DKD comes back until then have fun entertaining Stan, hope he’s got u on payroll!


    1. Cmon Mr DKD think about what u are saying? You know who we are European Champions how can you possibly compete with a team thats won 10 trophies in the last 8 years! You get a load of Wengers comments the premiere league and champs lge are his most important trophies arrogance even trigger happy Abramovich does not display we took 4 of the last 5 fa cups! Useless Wemger knows he cant win any trophies so its all an act.

      But how do u think u can compete with us when Bradford and Blackburn had your hands full come now, face the music and see off pool and everton for thurs nites its your only shot!


    1. DKD you are absolutely right at this rate you wont make thursday night football bah oh well another Loserfool bites the dust! At least loserfool won the champs lge while they were at the top what did Arsene Football Club do? Oh ya you churned out great talent of the 18 player exodus that started with your trophy drought they’ve won 54 trophies between them lololol! 8 more years! 8 more years! 8 more years!


  4. Brilliant bloody brilliant I say 8 more years for Wenger pls its the least he is owed he qualified for champs lge 16 yrs in a row so ffs give me some respect. Give him a modest raise and at least a 4 year contract.


  5. U alive DKD your blog is almost as empty as AFC trophy cabinet at the emir8s. Having 8-2 much @ old trafford, and after Birmingham turned arsenal in 2-1 big chock artist club. The penalties at Bradford made it (in2-3) consecutive seasons of turning in consistently memorable performances from 1 by Arsenal at wembley 2 Birmingham a year later 2 old trafford 2 bradford that when Blackburn visited it was 1 more cup exit with 0 trophies at the emir8s. By the time the North London derby came good ol Spuds just turned the Arsenal in 2-1 big joke! Lololololol! I would love to get your prediction and analysis for the Bayern match I can only hope that Wenger stays for 3 more years at least the last 3 have been progressively entertaining and its not even done yet! Any predictions for Bayern match? The season position? summer transfer activity? wenger purchased another 20 year old today from Auxerre in Ligue 1, I am thinking AFC will be active in the market swooping up all the talents from primary and elementary schools and to your shock only Cazorla and Wilshire may be sold while the club resigns Gazidis and Arsene in to long term contracts! But I want to hear your prediction.


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