4 goals shuffed up the Arse’….

Honestly, Wenger should have no excuse for Sunderland this saturday in terms of fatigue. Arsenal were not even trying. Wenger’s inept tactics can be ttributed to this Arsenal performance as the team looked clueless on the field. I yet don’t know what is the use of playing a high-line if the players don’t press. Walcott, as usual was absent.The first half of the match was so one-sided that it looked like Milan were playing a practice match.

It was a cagey start for Arsenal as the home side found it difficult to find a way into the Milan defense.

Milan had a fixed setup as they chose to play the diamond. Although the diamond does provide a mixed setup, with more or less and equal balance between attack and defense yet it has been exploited due to its weakness in the flanks.

On 14, Arsenal succumbed to Milan’s pressure as Prince’s volley flew over Szczesny’s head into the net. It was clearly Szczesny’s fault as he gave away possession to Sagna.
Arsenal was getting killed as Milan grew from strength to strength after their goal. It took them 24 mins to get their first shot on target as Koscielny’s header fell straight to Abbiati.

I think they thought this is an exhibition match. Because, to be honest it felt like one.

On 38, it was 2 to Milan’s Ibrahamovic found his way behind the Arsenal back four (yet again).

The Swedish international made his way into the D-box from the left before gliding the ball into the box, only to be met by Robinho’s head and sail into the net.

Minutes later, Antonini almost made it 3 as the ball rolled past the net after he clashed into Szczesny. Although he did take the ball fairly yet he was booked by the referee. A decision Wenger will never talk about.

I have become tired of Arsenal. I don’t want to watch their games anymore, and I don’t think I will continue blogging on them. If nothing changes at Arsenal, I will stop watching them. Infact yesterday I didn’t even watch the entire second half. And this is probably the first time I have stopped mid-way of a report…

Not interested, don’t care, do what you want Wenger, do whatever the fuck you want. Its your club, its yours to ruin.

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  1. we are not going 2 win anything(i mean FA cup). no cretivity nothing. to add to all this rvp will leave having faced such a defeat. sagna was of no use. theo has 2 come 2 da centre


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