After the hangover….

I am of course upset with the way Wenger has conducted business this summer, but it seems he can ‘make-up’ for it now. My opinion of him will not change though, as its only through a performance will you hear me say that he is any good. There are reports that we have signed Mertersacker from Bremen. If so, then the German is a quality addition to the squad, and in my opinion is 1 signing which should have been done the day the window opened.

He is not the only rumoured additon though. It is also widely reported that Andre Santos will be arriving at London tomorrow for a medical at the club.

I have always harped on the defensive segment of the club, and have always stressed on the manager fixing this problem. He ignored it, and this is evident from the numbers. Last season it was 43 from 38, now it’s 10 from 3. Now I know may Gooners will be quick to point out the fact that the defense is not to blamed for certain goals, but how about the rest. For example even if we take into consideration that Young’s brace and Rooney’s free-kicks were outstanding and not avoidable, even then the others were down-right cheap to concede. Welbeck first goal is what I do to my cousin in Fifa, and Parks and Nani were practice shots. We conceded an own goal against Liverpool, but that would have never happened if not for the naivety of Frimpong and Miguel. In the 6 yard box, who tries to loft the ball when you should smash it to Highbury !

It’s not that this team does not have potential, I know it does but the fact is that we cannot play a team ‘full of potential’ and expect it every time to click. This was prevalent on Sunday, and also last week. Football is based on small incidents, and to field a young immature side is just asking for mistakes to happen.

2 out of 3 red cards this season are from our youngsters. Moreover, none of them are even controversial. Arsenal is a classy club, but to field sides like the ones we are fielding and expecting to win is just impertinence to both our opponent and fans.

I saw the goals against United and I must say it was excruciating. Not because we conceded, that was bound to happen. But it was the manner of the conceding which pricked my nerves-especially the ones by Nani and Park.

I have not mentioned this before although I feel I should. Nasri said a few days ago that Arsenal fans are not passionate. How ironical is it, that the same city he said it in was the same city in which he was shut-up. It was a drubbing at Old Trafford, indeed it was, but for those 3000 Gooners who sang ” I love you Arsenal,” my hats off to you. That is passion, and that is impeccable.

Hold your hats Gooners, it going to get bumpy….

PS : We have our own Ji Sung Park !

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9 thoughts on “After the hangover….

  1. If Arsenal never conceded 8 goals, stingy wenger wouldn’t have gone to the market for new signings. He’s a rat.


  2. fuck you Nasri you don’t even know something named “respect the fans “.your are just like adebayor and ashley cole. even tough we can not compete for titles this year but we will still love you arsenal. i am a lebanese fan for arsenal from the day i was born just like my dad. we love arsenal so much that we can’t afford someone to say silly things about the club or about the fans .so fuck off nasri i hope that u broke ur knee when you face us in the league .you will see we have quality players that will sign before the mircato.we will be stronger when song, gervinho,wilshere ,abou diaby ,are back .i wish to watch only one match for arsenal with my dad in the lovely Emirates stadium ,this is my dream .i wil still love arsenal till the end of my life .love you arsenal and all gunners .


  3. I agree with what you say.suffered sunday night after game could not come to terms with loss Got a lot of flack from manu supports .Finally told them they played a depletad Arsnal Squad.Now I am going to Thank Them because we will have quality players. Hopefully they will play well together, and be disiplened,as red cards disrupt the team. As they say in Zimbabwe Pamberi (which means Forward)


  4. Mertesacker isnt what I expected. Not sure what all the fuss is about. Hes always looked pretty limited to me. Gutted we couldnt afford Cahill or better but if we really cant compete in the transfer market anymore then I guess we’ll always end up with average players. Hopefully being German he’ll at least be well organised even though he plays in slow motion.


  5. Stafs if you think a 26 year old German with 75 caps is pretty limited why do you think a 25 year old Cahill who is probabley 4th or 5th choice Englands CB is better???
    Sorry mate you will find yourself in a minority on this one.


    1. I am not sure that Per will be coming, but if he does, its going to be interesting to see how he fares in the premier League. Especially compared to Cahill.


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