No Match report : Manchester UnitedUnited 8-2 Arsenal FC…(a good performance from the groundsmen)

I am sorry but no report shall be posted today, in light of what has happened at Manchester. 3 games and 3 red cards, and conceding 8 goals. Its good to see that the quote ‘Life is Harsh’ actually has a meaning…

As for the manager…since I am speechless, I shall express it in words.

Fuck Arsene. A manager who does not adhere to the fans love for a club does not deserve my support. Keep the damn money in your wallet, and DON’T SPEND, DON’T SPEND YOU FUCK.

Do not expect match ratings, cause I can give everybody a 4 for showing up. As for the manager, you are NOT WORTH RATING ON..

Good–day tomorrow Gooners (Best of Luck, if you know what I mean)



34 Comments on “No Match report : Manchester UnitedUnited 8-2 Arsenal FC…(a good performance from the groundsmen)”

  1. Mark says:

    Even a team like West Brom or Norwich or the likes may prove to be a major challenge to the current Arsenal team. Fuck Arsene. He should be ashamed and get the fuck out when May comes.

  2. sam_rookie says:

    Fans are the pillar for arsenal fc. the only way to punish the fucking retarded old arene and the whole board is not giving the full support for the team. cancel all your season tickets. do not travel and waste your time at emirates and do not buy any of arsenal kits. fuck them!! since the club do not pay any respect to the fan’s wish then why the fuck we have to support them and loose money and value. that old fucking stubborn arsene do not know what is the problem in the squad. we can see from his fucking signings this summer. loosing 8-2 to MU is fucking humiliating. and we have another 72 hours before the transfer closes and lets see what that asshole can do. the main problem (defense) is not solved till yet and the asshole is keep talking about ‘believe and faith’. FUCK ARSENE WENGER!!!

  3. GunnerPaul says:

    RIP Arsenal FC

  4. Mark says:

    Time we started boycotting games until they start spending some money on players

  5. dazi says:

    championship football next season..had enough of wenger principles in buying lose a match is acceptable but to be humiliated its an insult..
    even man utd youngsters play well than WENGER ‘S TALENTED CRAPS….

  6. Emma says:

    Wenger should resign thats it or else no more entering Emirates

  7. Gooner Anthony says:

    Gardiola came from Barca youth team n performed well. I think is about time we give the team to Dennis Berkamp. Wenger must leave so that we can spend

  8. Block93 says:

    Plastic cunts, fuck off and stop supporting my team. They deserve better fans than you!

    • DKD says:

      oh fuck you must be a french cunt !

    • ziddy says:

      you are a rotten cunt….!

    • Savage says:

      You FUCK OFF you cunt…do not insult me! If you cannot see that Wenger and the board are destroying The Arsenal then you are the ENEMY WITHIN. You must be a FUCKING SP*RS fan yout TWAT. PS. Please excuse my FRENCH but I thought it was appropriate. One again…YOU CUNT….fuck off and support Sp*rs!

  9. Ex-Gunner says:

    Time to change all my Gunner shirt to ManU

    • DKD says:

      although the guy below me is a bloke, what you are saying is actually sick mate. Don’t do that, be a gunner not a whore. YOU have a right to be angry, but never say anything like that mate. Its just something called self-respect, and we as gooners have it, so get angry but don’t be a bitch !

  10. Block93 says:

    Good, you dildo (big plastic fucker)

  11. The Arsenal fans were fantastic today! im not angry about the result im way past that, im just feeliing sad inside. Your a bunch of fucking mugs if you think replacing Wenger will help us win the league. The man has had imited funds and has over achived for what we have spent. I agree we need some new players just not a new manager, Blame those 2 cunts Nasri and fabregas for becoming world class and jumping ship before they should have. Up the Gunners EIE!!

    • DKD says:

      oh fuck you man. Limited funds. Don’t bull-shit here, there are other places to do that. Just fuck-off. Next time come with a better arguement.

    • ziddy says:

      they were right to leave!…..stupid manager

      • Savage says:

        Painfully agree. Would you want to destroy your career by playing for Arsenal at this time. Arsene has completely disrespected his young players by throwing them into the cauldron! Wenger could be responsible in destroying a few careers before they have even started.

  12. Here DKD why dont you crawl in you mums arse and suck your dads cock while he takes the fat slag up the shitter. Fucking Plastic Cunt Your blogs a load of shit aswell you stupid poof

    • DKD says:

      yeah, so why are you here you ugly piece of shit. Go fuck your dad man, thats what you’re good at. Then have a three-some with Wenger. Don’t worry ” I believe in you”…Bastard

  13. Mark says:

    The Arsenal Board are happy to take our money for tickets and merchandise but are not willing to spend some money on players. Time we started boycotting games until they start spending some money on players. Lets boycott all games until they spend 70 million on new players.

    • DKD says:

      Too late bro.

    • Thorny says:

      Surely its a matter of tactics and Planning not JUST spending. If you give the armband to someone just to keep him you are basically fucked. We are so used to having no sound leadership since cesc was made captain its been coming. Money will help but we need some boot throwing in fucking dressing room and on the training pitch! Pat rice? PLEEEEEASE!!

  14. Stafs says:

    I cant defend Wenger anymore. I do however have to point out that todays humiliation was also in a huge part down to the players. Rosicky, Arshavin, Ramsey… Actually the whole lot capitulated today & didnt fight or work hard. They simply rolled over & quit. They looked like spoiled millionaire brats. They are not fit to wear the cannon & should be ashamed. Even if Arsene has lost their backing & respect – they still owed it to the travelling fans to work hard. They only work for an hour or 2 a week for fucks sake! Shameful. Utter disgrace. Pathetic. Ive never seen any team as weak before. Former Arsenal players must be turning in their graves right now.

    • DKD says:

      Tell me something Stafs. Who’s fault is it that we DON”T have quality players after having so much money.
      Hint : He manages Arsenal FC

      • Stafs says:

        Hint: read the 1st line.

        Also any other team wouldnt concede 8 like that. Teams with a value of 20% of Arsenals team. You have to look at the lack of effort by the millionaire players today.

      • DKD says:

        even if they gave their full effort, we would fall short because united performed better

  15. Logsee says:

    So tell me what you think the Board do?? Do you not think they are responsible to refusing to grant players increased contracts or new players the going rate of pay for the standard of player that they are?

  16. Thorny says:

    paul merson nailed it “I look at the arsenal team on any given day and only 4 players would even get a game for Man u”

    RVP, Wilshire, Walcott(?) and verm.

    Even with our 8 missing we still are clueless!!!!!!!!!

    And AW talks about QUALITY. What fucking quality is that arsene? Djourou perhaps? fuck off mate. how about Ramsey- he’s then new cesc by the way, fuck off mate. We have no quality. I know lets buy a dodgey korean FUCK OFF!! An entire new ethos is needed and you know what this means.

    Either bring in Ray wilkins to help or get a new manager. Pat Rice…..time to go mate, please.

    Spending wont help you know…..we have no idea how to play the games these days. Lost. A whole new angle is needed. Forget this year.

  17. Thorny says:

    Take out the money thing for just a moment and ponder this……….Arshavin WAS immense! now he’s a lazy shit. Arshavin could shoot now he cant make a pass (newcastle match/ walcott in on goal) .
    Why is that Arshavin isnt doing what Ashley Young did TWICE yesterday?? I honestly dont know but it aint money its something to do with training!! We dont do any on; Shooting, Defending, taking corners, defending corners, taking free kicks, defending free kicks, long throw ins, Not getting red cards, etc. What do we do ? I honestly have no idea and THAT goes deeper than the money thing. Arshavin = case in point