Snap back to reality/ Nasri you have no shame…

It was a much needed win for us against Udinese, and didn’t the Old Arsenal show up. You see, the reason for my happiness is simple. I was happy because the team yesterday showed that they can come back under difficult circumstances. With a young side, we were 1-0 down, tied on aggregate, away, at Italy, and we came back to win 1-2. Take a deep breath and re-read what I wrote, may be then you will see the importance of our performance, that is if you doubt it.


As I had written earlier, I was disappointed with the team in the first half. They showed alot of excitement for the first 10 mins before they were forced to calm down. Maintaining focus was crucial in such a match, and we did lose our focus numerous times. Udinese hit the post, and the defense was split open more than once.

It worries me that as an attacking force we forget to ensure proper cover for our defense. Carl Jenkinson was  ‘decent’ as an attacking threat but at the same time our weak point in the defense. The right back slot was continuously under pressure from Udinese, and the intensity especially increased when the youngster went up, lost possession and did not track back in time. I remember once in the first half when it became a 3 on 2 CBs scenario. Thankfully Sagna at LB covered us otherwise, who knows what could have happened.

He is young and I am aware of that. But the point is that he needs to learn slowly, not at such a expeditious rate. If we had a left back Jenkinson would have never started. Rather, he would be brought on to replace Sagna in every game. He was bought as a back-up for Sagna, who in my opinion is a great RB. But due to a lack of signings we play him(Bacary) at LB, and use him ineffectively.

I still remain dubious about our defense. You see, today it was Udinese, so we made it through. Tomorrow when we face United, Jenkinson will be facing the likes of Young and Nani. Do you think he can afford to botch up then ?

Among the one thing I found common in the comment section of my last-to-last post is that people ARE STILL looking to Wenger to sign players. I am happy that Gooners didn’t get carried away too much by the result of one game. Yes, even I was happy but one should never get himself carried away due to one result.

Anyway, what is done is done, so let’s forget about it.

Let’s talk about something else. Ahh yes, that French bloke Samir Nasri. I liked Nasri, that is until yesterday. You see it does not upset me that he has signed for City. Well, not as much as what Samir said about us.

“I have heard people say I have moved for money. I make a good living at City, that is true, but I am 24 years old and I have reached a turning point in my career and it was important that I joined a club with ambition.

“I believe I have more chance of winning titles at Manchester City than at Arsenal.”

Nasri added: “When did I make my decision? Early in July, when we returned for pre-season. I told the coach (Arsene Wenger) that I wanted to leave.

“Is it a risk joining Manchester City? You have to take risks in life. I am not afraid to do so.

“There is a big squad here but competition is good, it makes you push yourself and stops you from becoming stale.

“Was that the case at Arsenal? Maybe.”

As an Arsenal fan, would you want to hear this from a player who you cheered on last season. By the last lines of his comments, he has showed dis-respect to fans, and more importantly dis-respect to his team-mates. He played with these people through-out last season, and in 2 days, after 1 flight he has started to imply that they were not good enough. If he was asked about the risk situation at City, he could have said what he said without the last line. But he chose not to….Bastard !

Nasri was one of my Favourite Gunners, but now he is a Citizen of Manchester, so fuck you, you piece of horse shit.

Speaking of Manchester, we travel there this Sunday. The champions at OT. Our record at OT is not one to boast of, and what makes matter worst is that we start the match with one man down. Why ?

Howard Webb is the referee.

Will be out with the preview soon Gooners.


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18 thoughts on “Snap back to reality/ Nasri you have no shame…

  1. Don’t take frustrations out on Nasri dude, I don’t like that he left either BUT…. is what he is saying untrue??? They have the money, they are spending it, and will challenge for all titles, this is all TRUE. Our fans BOO our own players, sometimes off the pitch, WTF!!! remember Eboue, Nasri, NB52?? It’s fucking disgusting and I don’t blame him for leaving. The last 2 nails in the coffin; Viera, our former hero turned down a job at Emirates and joined City & convinced Nasri to leave. And then our fans decided to chant songs and boo him before he even left, too bad they don’t sing many encouraging songs during the games, it might fucking help some!!!
    The truth is that Nasri is right about everything, our fans suck shit, Wengers hands are tied by the board and he is currently earning double what he would have made at Arsenal, if someone offered to double your salary you would leave too. Who’s the piece of horse shit now Armoury?


    1. Ok I don’t have an issue with Nasri leaving, nobody really does as it’s true he’s earning more money and at a team who at the moment look like they will be challenging for honours. But there is a thing called respect. When he didn’t get picked for France world cup squad who came out and defended his quality? Wenger. When, in the three years whilst an arsenal player, which fans sung his name week in week our? Did he help win us any trophies? Nope. Also, which club helped him improve to get to the level he’s at today? So why didn’t he just leave and say good things about his time with us instead of criticising the fans, the manager and our club. I’ll tell you why, because he’s a twat. When we boo’d him he came on twitter saying he was still an arsenal player etc. But he’s just admitted that he decided he wanted to leave in July so perhaps the fans were right to feel frustrated. In regards to us booing our players and club i think you’ll find that fans all around the world do that. And actually given that we pay extortionate ticket prices and haven’t won anything for SIX YEARS I think our fans have been quite supportive given circumstances. And if you READ CAREFULLY what the article said it quote clearly states that prior to his disrespectful comments nasri was respected. So your retort about him not deserving any criticism for leaving is without substance as that’s not the reason most arsenal fans despise Nasri now. It’s because he couldn’t leave with grace and dignity. He had to ridicule us but I tell you what, we shall see where he and man city are in 5 years. Same place adebayor is right now! In the Europa league!!


    2. Read this :

      There is a big squad here but competition is good, it makes you push yourself and stops you from becoming stale.

      “Was that the case at Arsenal? Maybe

      Why did he add this line ? Are you telling me Arsenal players suck. If so, then how are we in Europe Elite ?


    1. Nobody booed Nasri. NOBODY. Infact they cheered him on. Stop bullshitting, and if you have to continue find some other blog to do it in.


  2. Yeah he felt like Mancity was the place to be fine, Nasri was booed fine, he is getting raise of pay good and has more chance of winning something very good.
    Most people love to build from scratch, some love ready made scenarios especially one with money included. If Nasri had spoken out earlier before he was booed i doubt it would had happen, he led the arsenal fans to believe he is a money grabber and he as proven to be so.
    One season of marvelous football and people start asking about his service and its at this point the arsenal is not enough for his abilities, arsenal not winning trophies , strange enough it was arsenal that put the spotlight on him, it was the arsenal caused him to be recalled to france and it was the arsenal that made the world see him as one of the best footballer of the year.
    I wish him all the best at Mancity and may he again be in the spotlight


  3. ordinarily nasri might b right,but at d same time he shld realise d transformation d club has done 2 his career nd needs 2 b diplomatic a bit by watching wot wil come out of his mouth.It can b city 2morrowwatch out, learn 4rm adebayor i wish nasri gud luck. He has done his best 4 arsenal,we had arsenal b4 him nd we’l av it after him tnx


  4. nasri is a toddler fed with all kind of lavishness at arsenal, he is a big head and i see HIM dead march on the pitch at city, spark in first few matches in city shirt then he would fade away.
    he IS a coward, we have men at arsenal. ( VT,RVP,SAGNA,SONG ,SEZENEY AND THE REST. six spot is waiting for city. then cry @ regret for him.if any one notice his body language was saying he was greed not a team man. i felt for WENGER who trust those greed( NASRI,GALLASS,HENRRY.ADEPA,CILCHY, FLAMINY,HELB & even FABRIGAS), and give them a chance & then slap him in his face in fact embarrassed him in front of people .


  5. just d same words clichy said whn he left 4 man-c, he want to win trophy then he chance of winin d community shield was chatterd due to d silly mistakes he always make even whn he was at arsenal, gud luck to cesc alone


  6. I strongly believe with haider, nasri is nothing but a juvenile, a lad. He and that of Denilson are learning how to be men but they dont know that they are too ambitious. Cant they see our recent legends like Cesc, Henry etc oh!! Who love Arsenal with passion, they understood that the land of emirate built them solid. My happiness is that today’s nasri was built yesterday by Arsenal at the great Emirate by wenger and fans. No matter what let him remember that a hand that bites the finger that fed him should remember that he will one day go hungry again and probably will need a motherlike hand like Arsenal to feed him again.


  7. i disagree with the critisism of the first half we did not lose focus we were just playing a quality team. And as for nasri he did some good things for us and i thank him. But when he comes back he will just be another opponent.


  8. nasir joining man city is not a problem but the time he left us was what makes things worste, he his ungrateful to the man (wenger) that fed him.he dserve to be fed a pig sh**t


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