What you need to know : Udinese 1-2 Arsenal FC

Arsenal came back from a goal down to book their spot in the group stage champions league this season. Overall, the team really played well, especially if you consider the fact that we were trailing Natale’s goal at half time.

The half began brightly for us. With 2 mins on the clock, Theo got the game going with a straight shot to Handanovic.

On 10, Handanovic was again given a wake up call. This time it was Gervinho who tested the goalie from a tight angle. It was good to see an Arsenal player shoot for a change.

On 16, Udinese suddenly broke loose with Di Natale producing a surprise cross from the right. Thankfully Pablo Armero screwed up his header.

From that time on, our attacks dried up, and the enthusiasm with which we started the match declined.

On 22, Udinese came close to a goal when Natale hit the post.

On 28, Sagna made his way to the left side of the D-box, and HAD a chance to shoot, but as usual he chose to pass it.

1 minute later, RVP let one loose with his right foot. Why?

On 31, Gervinho made a brilliant run towards the Udinese defense before setting up Theo to slot the ball into the net. Theo did take the shot, but it was blocked by Handanovic. Immediately the rebound was picked up by RVP who now let a left foot drive loose, but somehow AGAIN Handanovic kept it out. Seconds later, at the other end Szczesny pulled out a smart save to keep Natale out.

On 38, Udinese took the lead. What a header from Di Natale, what a header ! Leave a striker, with so much space, and see what he can do. This guy warned us about his talent at the Emirates, and I thought he would be marked. God, how wrong could I be ?

4 mins later, the Arsenal defense was again split. Fortunately for us Armeros shot rose over Szczesny’s bar.

It was a mixed first half. We started the half brightly, but ended it very nervously. I did not expect the enthusiasm and the livelihood to carry on through-out the half, and was right. A bright start saw us pressurize Udinese, we did not allow them time on the ball, and the only option they had was to counter-attack. But gradually as the half wore on, we lost our focus allowing our opponents to come back into the game.

On 51, RVP floated in a delightful free-kick, but DJ’s header was just a second slower. It only needed a touch. 1 minute later, Theo bend one into Handanovic’s hands.

On 54, we equalised. Gervinho with a brilliant piece of skill, before rolling it for RVP to smash in. And didn’t our no 10 oblige. It was 1-1 at Udine.

However 4 mins later, Udinese were given a lifeline as the referee awarded them penalty due to a handball by Vermaelen. Di Natale stepped up, but he couldn’t get past the Pole. What a save by Szczesny. Bloody brilliant !

On 68, we took the lead. It was a brilliant move – A good little 1-2 from Theo and Sagna let the former loose on goal. Handanovic was truly helpless for this one. Udinese 1-2 Arsenal

On 77, the ‘weakness in awareness’ of the Arsenal back 4 could be seen, as an unmarked Di Natale found himself with acres of space on the right. Thankfully, the Italians shot was wide.

When we entered the last 10 mins, the showboating began (RVP started it, with a rabona). To be honest, it looked like Udinese had given up. They were not trying and we too took our leg of the acclerator.

On 90, both RVP and Traore took shots at Handanovic but the goalie did well to block them both.

It was a smart change by AW at half time. Rosicky would not only provide us some experience but also constitute an attacking force. Moreover, Song would have to sit back and defend, and not take his USUAL SHOTS.

For the first time in months do I feel happy and optimistic about Arsenal. The team showed real character to come back and win and personally I am delighted.

Tomorrow is a our draw in Monaco, pray we GET Barcelona.



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9 thoughts on “What you need to know : Udinese 1-2 Arsenal FC

  1. They were awesome tonight, there was more control overall (and a few hairy moment at the back too). Overall my best rated players of the night are:



  2. Arsene Wenger well done good play from this wonderful young team,Gunners fans all over the world await the player you are buying in the transfer market.


  3. A very good performance from the arsenal team for me all we need now is 2 midfielders 1 central attacking midfielder and the other one box to box and a central back and if possible a central forwarder my today top three players are gervinho sczesny and van persie


    1. AOC is not yet ready, so don’t expect him anytime soon. Ryo too is far from featuring. I think the first games in which we will be able to see them will be the Carling Cup.


  4. Relieved to see the lads get a well deserved win. Theo always looks better when they slot the ball out in front of him to chase on the floor. Great finish. Schez in goal was awesome – what an amazing save! A loss tonight would have damaged their frame of mind after losing Samir & Cesc but they proved now that they CAN compete without them. Frimpong looks good as do Carl & Gervinho – it Would’ve been great to see AOC or Ryo but maybe next time. Bring on the new signings & bring on Sunday.


  5. agree with MAp above…..except that i thought RVP was lacking. He seems to be snatching at things in desperation at the moment and losing composure. no need robin. take your time, you have the skill. But yes. sczesny, gervinho and for me Sagna, had great games. I just really fear for Ramsey, he aint got it yet. not enough for this much responsibility. leg injury in the back of the mind? cant be easy but moves do tend to break down. Would be so pleased to see new CB and CM. Looks to me like scez has been practicing all summer, good on him!! now if theo could just practice shooting he’l be putting those away ALL the time. Onwards!!


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