What does ‘this’ make you think about Arsene Wenger ?

This is going to be my shortest post, and yet the I feel the strongest one.

After an ENTIRE SUMMER, in which we lost 2 crucial first team players – Nasri And Cesc, I would like to show the AKB and all gooners around the world what the manager had said a while back.

“Samir’s situation is clear for me,” Wenger said. “He stays. We are in a [financial] position where we can say ‘No’ and we will, in the case of Samir. It is in the interests of the club. Imagine the worst situation, that we lose Fabregas and Nasri; you cannot convince people that you are ambitious after that.”

Ambition and Arsenal ‘look’ so good together doesn’t it ?

Thats all for today folks…


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16 thoughts on “What does ‘this’ make you think about Arsene Wenger ?

  1. Arsenal problem is the coach. I fear what will be our fate this season. I guess i will be pushed to a condition where I will not watch our matches so I can save my health.


    1. My health and mind have already sunk to a new low. he is going to force me not to ‘blog’ anymore, God this man can torture people. Think he is jig-saw in the saw movies !


  2. My health has also seriously deteriorated because of Arsene’ Arsenal since April 11 when the club lost matches like no man’s business. How can Arsene & his board bend to cheap moaney making at the cost of ARSENAL as a club!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I do nott blame those who have given up buying season tickets. Why should someone buy tickets only to cry from the stadium?

    Shame upon the decision makers at the club for taking a purely conservative approach to managing the club. Arsene, Alex of Maanure is making more money from his progressive approach to managing the club than Arsenal.


    I CRY again before watching this week’s matches………

    We meet in heaven because am soon dying of stress because of Arsdenal.

    Peter K


  3. ‘this’ still makes me feel wenger is the best man for the job.why don’t people like you understand that it is not wenger’s fault that nasri or cesc left.he can not force them to stay.arsenal did not sell them to make money.they wanted to leave.wenger only said they are in a strong financial condition and don’t need to sell.and its up to you whether you think arsenal are a big club or not.


    1. You my friend are an imbecile. Yes, its the managers job to ensure that his players do not leave but ensuring the team performs well. Secondly, if they were to leave, and we all know there was a probability, then he should have ensued there are proper back-ups ready.
      Management does not only limit itself to the present but also forecasting. if tomorrow I know that RVP is going to leave, I have to start formulating a back-up plan so that I do not sacrifice the stature of my club in terms quality players.


  4. All managers like to buy players and given free reign they all would spend big, Arsene has not spent big, this is either through choice or instruction. let me figure out which one !!!! THE BOARD ARE PUTTING FINANCIAL RESTRICTIONS ON HIM AND ARE LETTING THE CLUB ANS SUPPORTERS DOWN, WE CANNOT COMPETE FOR THE TOP PLAYERS BECAUSE WE WONT PAY THE WAGES, WE WERE IN FOR MATA, CHELSEA PAY MORE IN WAGES MATA GOES THERE CLEAR AND SIMPLE.


  5. “On Tuesday Wenger claimed he feels no pressure to replace Nasri and Fabregas, because he has already purchased Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Gervinho this summer.”
    Wenger: what a blind twat. If there are no new DECENT experienced signings by next week – he can fuck off. You can only blame our corrupt board for so long: Wenger has the power to make (very often shit) choices, so he is not completely powerless.


    1. Sign a petition to keep the this new Stubborn Wenger…man you got guts. Better than that, why not just ‘like’ the Old Wenger. The facebook page is on the right(top).


      1. Circumstances change, ie Chelsea/MC money, our new ground; Wenger changed to suit circumstances, hence his philosophy. However I dont expect you to see that DKHD.


      2. Firstly, it DKD, secondly I am sorry but he HAS NOT CHANGED TO SUIT THE CIRCUMSTANCES. All he HAS done is NOT CHANGE. Neither his ways nor his philosophy.


  6. if you can just stop the blood boiling (difficult i know)and think about it….nasri aint THAT good!! his passing was’nt the best and he’s a tad greedy. Fabregas got to the stage where he was always going to drag the team off into Fabregas land as all were so keen to build around him, he was a crap captain and when (as captain)you start blaming the club for not providing you with a trophy things are bad. The issue is THE TIMING! Why sell off the players now and not before? Holding out for big £ ? well we got Injured andy carrol money for cesc!! and waited 2 months! anyway THAT is the beef. poor poor decisions. It ALL depends on what AW and the board do with our millions from cesc, clichy, Nasri, eboue, etc. Worrying,.. as the board and AW have already made such a balls up of this window. BUT if we can get 2 players that are as good as those two but with some BALLS we cd be in a better spot. ??


  7. “Sign a petition to keep the this NEW Stubborn Wenger” Not changed? So what is with the NEW. Def of new: Having been made or come into being only a short time ago; recent. DKHD!


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