The Preview : Udinese vs Arsenal FC/ Are we a top 4 team ? :

I am going to be honest here. If it was any other team I would not be bothered, and I would still have faith in this young Arsenal side. But after watching Udinese’s performance against us I have to admit we MAY NOT be playing champions league football this season.

We come off a Liverpool defeat which is very hard to take. And now we face an Italian team (which had more than 1 chance of scoring against us in London) at a ground in which they have had 4 losses last season 2 of which have been against Juventus and Roma.

I have heard about a few rumours circulating that if we do qualify for the champions league a few signings will be finalised. And that these deals are on stall because of the uncertainty over the fact whether Arsenal will play in the champions league or not.

If this is true then we surely tomorrow will be the biggest game of our ‘eventful’ season.

Gervinho is back for this match and so is Song. If Nasri starts, then I am sure he will not be going to City.

Probable line-up :

Udinese will NOT be an easy team to beat. Moreover the conditions under which we are facing them are also quite arduous. I saw the first game at the Emirates and lets face it – It was pretty ugly. As I said before the side looked drained of ideas, and our midfield was getting dominated by Natale and Co.

Now I know many Gooners who just refuse to believe that we WON”T qualify for the UCL, but the fact of the matter is that there is a possibilty that this may happen. And, if this does happen, I can’t wait for the post match interview of our boss. Oh, wait…isn’t he banned  ?




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  1. Austin says:

    Pls let start song,frimpong,nasri in d center cos if ramsey starts i fear the worst may happen…

  2. alireza fayyazmanesh says:

    I am looking the match between Manu and Tothom, and i se what they do with Tothom, and we know at the momment Totenhom is much much better than us, but they are working hard to keep themselv in live, and it shows also how strong is Manu, and i am sure they will do the same with us maybe worth. Wenger talk about quality of player, I want ask him , what quality we have? we could`nt even win over a china team, not even in Emarat could we win,and if u think we can win in Itali against Udinese, only a miracle can help us. now he can buy more young player with this money he has in his hand , and open a kindergarten in Emarat, and when they are growing up sale them to Mancity or other clubs.this is what Arsenal standing for in 6 God dam years, and we fans are only pay for Wenger hobby, which is collecting young player, and lone them out to another club to became man until we sale them, this is what he call quality of Arsenal FC.

  3. U people have even lost the match b4 it is played. Y don’t go and support spurs or man u. Lazy fans

    • DKD says:

      WE have not lost the match, we are just being real. Pragmatically we can lose against Udinese, we CAN. Our squad is naive, and young. So, yes, its a possibility.

  4. Steve says:

    Spurs smashed

  5. Omoniyi bolaji says:

    Wenger has make a mistake again his rushing to market to buy whatless player like charmark squilacci nd other,again, 4 over 2 month wenger cn nt sign good player

  6. Steve says:

    Let’s go and smash em and then make these signings come on get behind the gunners were going Europe how dare any one doubt us come on arsenal every one get behind the team

    • DKD says:

      Sorry mate, but I think they have all right to doubt us, seeing our performances in the first 3 games of the season.

  7. Omoniyi bolaji says:

    Wenger should leave nasri out of his plan this season,wat happen in fab last season should occur “u cn only take an horse to river u cn force it to drink water”

    • DKD says:

      but we require this horse to do well. Surely you can drug it, or give it something so its throat is dry, you know, to hasten up the process.

  8. carl says:

    Arsenal will go to italy and get a 2-0 win. Nasri will play for us n have a game to remember and wont go city. We will then have at least 2new signings to play against man u. We was well unlucky against liverpool we had no leader. We aint started aswell as we usually do that dont mean were out of everything. Weve still got a team better than most add some confidence n were away. Start remembering who u support were ment to be there 12th man up the gunners

  9. Njeta Betrand says:

    well, i hope the match in italy is won by arsenal so that i can see what arsene wenger is up to and the signings he;ll make. but i still like arsenal for the courage they still put everytime on the field despite their age to play in the EPL. I Pray they succeed

  10. Zoe says:

    Some of u Arsenal fans amaze me with your negativity, why can’t you just be positive for once??, we are going to Italy tomorrow but some of u have already counted us out, be careful of what you say with your mouth cos it might come to pass,this is a difficult time for Arsenal & for everyone connected to the club, the players need your support to do the job, every blog I’ve been reading lately is do negative. It’s Wenger this, Wenger that , give the man a chance , he knows what’s he’s doing , Liverpool have not won the Premiership for ages, do they behave like Arsenal fans?? No

    • DKD says:

      Liverpool fans do behave like us, but you are too blind to see it. Secondly, Liverpool fans know that one day the club can sign someone who shall make big signings and change the structure of the club. And that is what has happended i.e Daglish signing for the Kop.
      Arsenal fans don’t think, sorry…KNOW there is going to be any change due to the stubborness of the manager, so they only HOPE for change.

  11. Thorny says:

    Fabregas WANTED to go to barca…..Nasri doesnt WANT to be cup tied so his carrer isnt effected.???? Whats all this nonsense about “No player is bigger than the club” Well how about what the fans WANT. I want us to qualify for the champa league, i want us to put up a fight at the end of a season where we are top with it all to play for, i want us to use credible tactics and players in their correct possitions, i want us to have a real captain, i could go on but…..Whos listening to the fan eh? No one…to busy listening to the wishes of un commited players who ARE in fact bigger than the club. F..K Nasris wishes!! Wenger grow some nuts for gods sake.

  12. Rasheed_ESPEE says:

    I find it difficult to believe that we won’t qualify. No matter what, we’ll always find our way at this stage. So it’s only the group stage that I’m wary of.