10 days routine/ Vermaelen predicts the future

I have had some time to calm down after what happened at the Emirates, and right now, it really feels very depressing. As I have said before, and by that I mean in my Match report, the problems for Arsenal Football Club stretch beyond the field. We now have 10 days left for the transfer window to close, and whatever happens in these 10 days on the transfer front of Arsenal Football Club, will, indeed decide the 2010-2011 season.

It is true that the manager has already come out and said that he is ready to spend if there is someone who is worth spending on. Based on this line of thought, I think we need to chalk out what exactly we require. I have heard from a few people that Squillaci’s involvement this season will be minimal, but I am not sure how true this is. So, I cannot include that in this ‘thesis’. I can however, conceive some things the manager SHOULD do in these 240 hours.

Firstly, he has to fill the gap in the midfield. It is wrong to put so much pressure on Ramsey. And in this case Wenger is being a real hypocrite. If Ramsey being so young is allowed to start against Liverpool why ALTEAST can he not bring on Ryo, or even Chamberlain on for Theo and Arshavin, or even one of them. He may feel that they are not ready yet, but do you think Ramsey is ready to lead Arsenal midfield in the premier league and the champions league (if we do play in it). In FC Barcelona the burden of the midfield is shared between 3 players. Xavi, Iniesta and Mascherano/Busquets. But in Arsenal too much pressure is put on Ramsey, cause let’s face it Song is a CDM and can’t shoot for anything, let alone peanuts. Now, please don’t include names like Rosicky here. He is a Mozart who’s violin has been smashed, and he never steps up when we require him too. Rosicky can be played in the FA Cup or the Carling Cup, and as a sub for league games but unless he steps up to a his former 2004 level, he is just utilising another players place.

On the attacking front we have 3 strikers. One is world class but the other 2 are just ‘class.’ But we do not have to worry alot on this front because of the wingers we have and the ability of our new signings to play in the centre i.e. Gervinho and Campbell.

As for the defense, Vermaelen performance against Liverpool was magnificent and for me yesterday he smashed whoever came in front of him. Be it Carroll, or Suarez. Kosher got injured, but upto now what I have seen of both of them has convinced me of their quality, which if I may add, is Arsenal standard. Yes, Per Mertersacker is a juicy buy when the ‘tower’ is just available for 6 million, BUT it would not mean the an apocalypse if we do not get him. Don’t get me wrong, I want him very badly, but it’s just that I feel the defense may be addressed after the midfield.

Wenger has to understand that everything done for a considerable amount of time becomes a habit, and if the team goes on the way it is going losing will just become a habit for the players. Look at Vermaelen in the picture, that is the Thomas Vermaelen of the present seeing the ‘Arsenal of the future’ if nothing is done in the present. Look at the mans reaction, his hands are covering his mouth !

Now picture, millions of Arsenal fans in the same way. That is what is going to happen if the manager doesn’t step up. Its time Arsene, its time.

You have asked me to trust you. Forget me, you have asked ‘us’ to trust you. I do, now show me why I should, please, I beg of you…


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  1. Abolade says:

    Arsene should be fired bastard

  2. logan says:

    arsenal is doomed if wenger dont strengthen the squad fuck off arsene in you we rust

  3. Obyno arsene nwankwo says:

    Great write-up. Just need one creative midfield playmaker. Then we analyse. But as for me I’m asking if there is any clause in ashers signing that imprisoned wenger? I dont know if any1 is seeing wat am seein. Asherv is finished. His last petrol finishd at Euro.

    • DKD says:

      A bad day out mate. Arshavin can still do something, and he may light up any time, although it is very rare. Atleast he is better than what we have got. Players like Chamakh who just pass on the buck.

  4. Atanda azeez says:

    In fact i don’t trust wenger any more. Fab and other key players left, no replacement.

  5. Puke felix says:

    Arsene s nt loyal 2d club..He doesnt even like d club..I tink hes 1 of d Gunnaz enemy..He sold clichy,fabrepass,eboue,,,loan vela..witout quality rplacemnt..He wants 2shut down d club

    • jeremyredman says:

      Your a moron!

    • Amaury says:

      quit chatting out of your arse!?!
      That man despite his presumed faults is more loyal to this club than you’ll ever be.
      A guy that sacrificed ‘bragging rights’ to oversee the growth of our beloved club…are you f@*king serious.

      • DKD says:

        That I cannot disagree with. Can question the mans tactics but never his loyalty ? The problem is that he has to now act, and stop being so arrogant and unrealistic.

  6. Ole says:

    Thats it for me. Scandalous management of AFC, and two more defeats to come, and we are left to sit and observe the falter of a greatt club..The shareholders of AFC need to make changes now

    • DKD says:

      Thy are helpless. To Boycott is an option, but it is going to be difficult for not many may agree. Remember majority of Arsenal ans still believe in Wenger.

  7. adeniyi ayokunle says:

    fuck arsen.

  8. shadi says:

    People its not our defense that is the problem. Our midfield is almost dead for last 10 EPL games from last season to now
    0 goals in 180 mins, when was last time we had that ?
    1- Nasri will never be a front man for our 5 man midfield. he is just not a passer. we had 0 ceativity. i rather him get sold than played in Cesc position
    2- with no cesc and wilshire. we simply aren’t creating any attacks… at home and against shit team like liverpool and we couldnt hold that ball at all.
    3- at the end of last year i was thinking that fixing our defense is priority, but right now its not the defense, nor attack , its our midfield. our whole tactic is built on controlling the ball. whats the point of 5 man midfield if we cant hold the ball at HOME!!!!!

    either wenger switch to 4 4 2. and sign a new striker to partner VP.
    Or we need 2 new central midfields. wenger had 3 months to sign players and he failed. i loved him so much but even now i have 0 excuses to cover for him, enough being cheap. Arsenal future is on the line, if we miss next year CL we are fucked.

    this team will not be even 4th. we dont have anyone but VP who can make magic and last 2 games he only had 1 good pass….. can someone explain to me if we lose to Man utd next week how the hell we will make a comeback ?
    3 players were shit today… and as usual our manager dont change players til after 70 mins……. Arshavin didnt pass one correct pass all first half. wallcott, Ramsey,

    When frimpong on his first ever EPL start pass more usefull balls than 3 other midfilelders combined…… this something need to be changed. and nothing did. this 101 Coaching…..
    I just dont understand what is Wenger doing anymore… He has over 60 million to spend, so no excuse of not Enough money….


  9. jack says:

    lets understand.all this mess was because our half of the team was injured or suspended.in a situation like this everyone is entitled to his openion but only one person has to make a decision.even i agreed with wenger in keeping walcott and arshawin.he probably did not want to take away a few senior players off the pitch else we would have been left with a carling cup eleven on field.lets accept today our injury and suspension situation was extraordinary.i havn’t quite seen anything like that.in reality we have only lost cesc and his replacement ramsey was on pitch.still we didn’t have any players to play.ideally a team has 2 players for every position.our two leftbacks were injured.two defending midfielders were absent (song,diaby)main playmaker wilshere was injured.out of 4 senior center backs only 1 was on pitch.two wingers /midfielders rosicky and gervinho were absent. that is 10 senior players and two had to be playe forcefully(nasri/bendtner)which makes it twelve.amazing.no football club would have seen such crisis in football history.if all these players were fit match would have been ours.our central midfielders are very inexperienced but buing one now would not really make a difference as we wont get one with cesc’s quality.so i hope we just keep our midfield tight defensively and sign a player who would bring in some real stuff(goals)chamakh would be a disaster if rvp is injured.even with rvp fit we need one good striker who can play along with van persie when the midfield is not working great.its impossible to find a central midfielder who can directly replace cesc and have an impact on midfield.but strikers are easier to find.all i m saying if we have one area weakened and it is hard to strengthen it,just strengthen the other area.and it seems squillachi is fired any decent defender with experience of 3-4 year would do for me as verm kosc look great.

    • Jeff says:

      Thank you jack, best analysis of what is going on. We are in an undesirable position at best. But I’m not ready to fire any guns until after the transfer window is over, and we get the real team back on the pitch.
      I’m like everyone, hoping we sign a couple more players, but I’m not sure that will solve our current crisis. The team needs to get healthy, and have some fans that get behind them. Why is it that when a team is down and in the dumps, it’s the poor fans that always bitch and moan. Think things out people, don’t be too quick to say we suck. I trust that we will still be in the top 4 at the end of the season.

      • DKD says:

        Fans are not upset with the team mate. We are upset with the manager. Why has he not strengthened the squad over the summer. this squad is weak and feeble, and realistically it has NO DEPTH. Moreover, our subs are not match winners. Sometimes when a team is down you need that player who can lift up the squad. It cannot always be Ramsey, Van Persie, etc. Even others have to take responsibility, and that is what is missing n Arsenal FC

    • Will says:

      Long comments does not necessarily make great comments, my kind sir. Your analysis pretty sums up as: We have too many players injured and suspended, so it’s not doom and gloom and we can finish in the top four.
      Defensively, Vermaelen and Koscielny may look great, but you never know as Kos can make one grave mistake and get his confidence shattered, as happened many a time last season. And lets not forget injuries which ruled out THREE of our FIVE center backs yesterday. We need a top center back as cover or even as a starter, not an average center back like what you’re saying.
      Next, midfield. We won’t get any player of Cesc’s quality? Cesc played shit last season, and we still finished fourth. It won’t be difficult to replace the Cesc of last season, so long as it helps us stay in the CL. I can easily name some adequate targets which are below £25 million:
      Yoann Gourcuff – Phenomenal player, not being utilised correctly by Lyon, and definitely won’t cost more than £25 million. The most important piece in our puzzle, and can easily better Fabregas in our midfield which seems to be made just for him(Gourcuff, not Cesc).
      Eden Hazard – Everyone knows him. Prices have been touted around as £22 million to £25 million. I am not blindly following the hype like those fools, I have watched him before and he is absolutely fantastic. Let’s be realistic, he won’t be a Messi, but he will be better than Alexis Sanchez(who went for potentially £36 million), at least.
      The rest, you know it, Juan Mata, Mario Götze and the likes.
      Non of them are listed as non-transferable by their clubs, yet Arsene sees Ramsey as Fabregas’ successor. And I think you all know Ramsey was the worst player on the pitch by a mile yesterday, not just because of the own goal. Add to that the fact that Nasri can’t pass the ball for shit and you know we need someone new here.
      Lastly, forwards. I think we’re very secure out on the wings, with Gervinho and Ryo(I don’t really rate Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, but Ryo was incredible for Feyenoord) complementing Nasri(yes, he can only work out wide) and Walcott. Centrally, we have RVP, and I don’t see why Chamakh can’t cover for him. He was one of the top goalscorers in the EPL before van Persie returned. Had he continued the whole season, he would probably have scored 20 goals. He needs confidence, not ability. If Mauro Zarate really comes in, then so be it, but we don’t really need to add to our forward line.
      For goalkeeper, I have always said we don’t need to buy. Szczesny is perfect for us, and we’re settled here for the next 15 years at least.
      So all in all, we only need 2 players to turn us back into a force. Not 3 or 4 or 5 like all the baboons out there are saying. Realistically, nobody can argue that Liverpool or even the Spuds have a stronger squad in depth than us right now. I pray for fourth, or even fifth if nothing works out. Worse case, we might just end up outside the top six.

  10. Olami Naija says:

    All too obviously, the ennui is picking up real fast. Even u had to believe him before asking why you should. 240 hours is enough for our naughty French professor to buy and buy and buy. I’ll give it to Miquel, he impressed. But we really need some calm here cos d league won’t be decided by only one match. Everyone wants Wenger’s head but what of d Silent Stan’s and Gazidis’? Wenger sure won’t want to destroy what image of himself he has built over d years. What with d empty seats at d Emirates today! He sure will buy. Mark that.

  11. kun says:

    arsene please fucking do something or else we the fans are gonna start walking out cause we cant support a team that always disapoints us . Spend some paper or get the fuck out of there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  12. Olami Naija says:

    He’ll buy d needed creativity and experience.

  13. Obyno arsene nwankwo says:

    I stll say: buy a creative playmaker in s CM role,sell bentner,chamack,asherv,r7,traore, then buy only bains. We analyse and see! Arsene is gud but must buy! Just 2players. Gervin is gud as cf, but shld work on his finishin,joel is already an international wit belg. Y did we buy AOC?

    • DKD says:

      Stop being so unrealistic. The only person who can actually leave is Nikko, and that too he may not. We need a midfielder, and may be a defender. Nobody is going to go on a fire sale and sell whatever talent we have got.

  14. Kgunner says:

    Shadi dat was spot on i ran out of axcuses last week. Goodluck mr wenger

  15. OCD says:

    While you are at it sack the fitness team…they have not been able to keep players on the pitch for quite a few seasons now. That’s no coincidence, it’s incompetence.

    I believe 3 players would do: Striker, CAM, CB. All world class please as we have enough Teenager, 60 millions should easily cover this when you know Mertesacker is 8.5 mil.

    By striker i mean all out striker old style No9 not another winger or supporting striker who can’t wait to pass the ball.

    In terms of AFC listening to the fans, how would they like it if they had to play in front of 15.000 people or less? Maybe a 1 week boycott is the best possible demonstration.

    Now there were positives today, Frimpong is quickly growing on me and the sending off will be a precious lesson for him. Miquel and Jenkinson did good and proved Arsene still has some flair. The real disappointment was to see our wingers fail to perform and Arsene did not even have a look at Ryo or AOC WHO ARE DYING TO GET ON THE PITCH! Maybe they would not have changed the event but if you don’t change a failing part you’re going to break down anyways.

    • DKD says:

      60 million in 10 days. God you are hopeful. Realistically forget about it. If Wenger sends that in these 10 days I will NEVER deride him again for the rest of my life.

  16. rokabton says:

    I blame wenger of bein stubborn French garlic, why didn’t he buy a striker 2 seasons ago when rvp was injured? Why didn’t he get a decent cb last season in January when 3 of the cbs were out injured and we finished 4th and now we have to qualify for the CL. Why didn’t he buy Enrique yo replace cliche. Why buy inexperiencef players and not playing them as we all know arsenal needs PL experienced players right now. It was all about the money money trying to save few millions and now it may backfire and he will loose more millions than he tried to save!! Not very genius professor!!

  17. festus says:

    ARSEne Wenger is spiraling deep down the depths of immeasurable lunacy, thus dragging Arsenal down the abyss of sh*t.

  18. Anthony says:

    Good write-up man!Wenger’s selfishness has dismantled arsenal.He has brainwashed the arsenal board into believing he is the messiah.l wonder why the so-called Prof could not recruit experience players rather than allowing the club to sink.Even some top players in europe are rejecting the club cos they dont want to suffer trophilessly.ln arsene we trust hahahahaha!can you trust someone who couldnt secure one trophy for six years?let’s have a rethink cos he is running the club fucking down!

  19. Innocky says:

    Firing Wenger is the best way foward.What a laughing stock we have turned to be because of one stubborn dictator.

  20. Wasike isaac frm mt.elgon says:

    If we had ful spuard of sceszeny,sagna,konsiely,vermaleen,song, walcott,wilshere,rvp,nasri and gervinho we would av defeated liverpool with easy.an addition of 1defender,midfielder,and one striker,Arsenal wil b as good as ever.pls don’t blame wenger.av faith.

    • DKD says:

      I am sorry but when you mention this line, how can you say that we should not blame the manager..
      “an addition of 1defender,midfielder,and one striker,Arsenal wil b as good as ever.”

      Make up your mind. If AW is in charge of signings and we are yet to sign people, then who are you going to blame ?

  21. Azeez says:

    If i may say, Arsene thinks he’s most wise with his silly principle compared to such managers as Sir Alex, the special one & d likes; this sounds absurd & has turned against him, making him extremely confused. Infact, he needs someone to help him out.

  22. Thorny says:

    I really think AW has gone now. He has lost it. All are saying that arsenal are in crisis. This usually happens when there are money problems. There are no money problems . we just have a bloke in charge who is simply breaking down. It started with the captains arm band going to somebody who was not a captain. Thats where the rot started. One player WAS bigger than the club and he’s gone now . All our efforts and power went into making fab a better player and look.
    Ask yourself….has it not all gone downhill since the handing over of that armband for the wrong reason? can you see fergie doing that? no. Hed throw a boot at them.Time for a boot thrower.

  23. Thorny says:

    By the way…have you not noticed how out of their depth wenger and pat rice look on the bench’s. they are like an old dad and grandad that snuggle up when things go horribly wrong…thats it! thats all they do.

  24. Wenger you are getting fool and you have to resign as a manager.We ARSENAL FANS,you dont like you to continue coaching ARSENAL.SIR KBO2 M.SHINKAFA,BAUCHI-NIGERIA.

  25. kano says:

    Wenger, remember the wise saying, that pride comes before a fall. You have turned ARSENAL fc into a club that is gradually losing her attractiveness to players, this is a shame. You have chosen to end in failure and shame because of pride. Arsene, goodluck.as

  26. randy the depressed gunner says:

    arsne can kiss my arse youth cant ever be more powerful then a experienced player plus his over 30 policy is shit cause a player matures 28 to 30 plus

  27. randy the depressed gunner says:

    are you a manager or a director spend the 60 million youve got on 2 defenders and 2 midfielders and a experienced striker theo shit ramsey ashevin rosicky shit and all those young players youve bought for when 5 years time we need players now i thought the time you spent in the stands for the champions league game you would have seen what we needed and how shit we looked thanks to you europa league football this season you french TWAT.