This wait is killing me…

Life is not what you would have expected it to be at the Grove, and it is definitely not what a Gooner wanted it to be with a little more than a month left for the transfer window to close.

I know Gazidis came out and said a few things regarding Wenger in the last AST meeting. He said that Wenger knows the problem. And that he knows what is wrong and what to do. Well, that was a pile of bull shit and quite frankly it was pathetic to see someone at the top level of the Arsenal hierarchy say this…

A simple stat that shows what Arsenal’s Achilles foot are the no of goals conceded in a season. I have always highlighted this fact in my posts and again I will do the same thing. 41 goals 2 seasons ago, and last season 43. In our last 10 game we won twice and lose thrice whilst drawing 5 games. And this was supposedly the crucial run in. Wenger promises a ‘busy’ transfer market, and we sign 2 players – Carl and Gervinho.

The defense is not adhered too. Has the club forgotten the reason for our downfall every season ? I honestly expected a new defender to be signed in early. That way he could be given ample time in pre-season and to adjust. I don’t want another Squillaci, and I am sure neither do you. So you understand my concern don’t you?

The club set supports hearts alight when the manager claimed that Benzema in an Arsenal jersey is ‘not impossible.’ Quite conveniently it was before the dead-line day as far as ticket renewals were concerned. Everybody is excited and goes renews their tickets. Mission accomplished!

I am geared up and ready for the news of Fabregas’ imminent departure to Spain. It took me a few weeks, but now I am ready. There are a few reports that Mata is signing for us. Well, that just makes Cesc leaving even more likely.

Wenger recently commented that he is looking for a defender. Right in the middle of the media reporting that we are bidding 20 quid for Jagielka. If you put them side by side, it makes no sense at all.

We have a few weeks till the season starts and a few more till the window closes. Let’s ‘hope’ there will be some movement in the Arsenal transfer market. Because if it remains the way it is, we are royally FUCKED when August 13 arrives…

‘Hope’- that’s our best defense, HOPE



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One thought on “This wait is killing me…

  1. I have to avow that Wenger is slowly but surely disgusting me.
    Although I admire the man, I’m not confident in his ability to mount the spirit of the team the right way it should in order to win the title.
    Face it! For 5 years now AW justified himself at the end of every seasons, and gave enormous targets to his team at the beginning of every season… unfortunately, we’ve been bullied and pushed away each time by some rock minded teams .. which does not seem to be the main talent of our Arsenal coach, does he ??!??
    Now I would greately appreciate that as Ferguson do, he shuts the hell up until he actually wins something.
    That would certainly calm the critics around him, his philosophy and his stubborness to not at least buy what he needs for years.
    As having a 5th center back which he needs for a couple of years now, which he said he noticed he needed a 5th one last year before the kick off of the season and which he didn’t before losing Vermaelen 3 or 4 weeks later…
    great job!
    I mean we all fuss AW has a university degree but any clear minded coach would have 5 center backs to go through a whole season in premierleague knowing how tough is the physical game out there.
    On top of that, you can add that knowing youngs get more injuries than old experienced players used to get knocks … 5 center back is a MUST!
    Now I think the team can be lethal this year.. but in numbers… our ddefense looks like an army without banner, or a militia without thinking head, or an Arsenal who needs a couple of steel players that would defend heart in and heart out their last yards on the pitch.
    Come ON Monsieur Arsène Wenger! Even you can do it. Buy a strong CB! Ensure just a little more the success of a team who deserves it and of a team who had almost everything for success.. except the right numbers of defenders.
    Come’on Arsenal!


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