Arsenal Transfers are like a freaking roller-coaster ride….

Any journalist would love to create speculation regarding Arsenal transfers. And why not? Its a different scenario when it’s us – Giving millions of people hope, and waiting till it vanishes. Who wouldn’t?

This week’s story comes primarily from Germany. Franck Ribery, yes, you read it, Franck Ribery is rumoured to be coming to Arsenal. Now I don’t know how good a signing this man will be, but to get him for 22 million quid when people like Steward Downing cost 20 would not be bad business at all. Ribery however, like others has some drawbacks.

For instance, the player is very injury prone, and last season he made 32 appearances for Bayern in all competitions. He scored 11 goals but provided 21 assists. Signing him would definitely make me happy, but I would not put my money on him staying fit most of the season. England has the most physical league in the world, and I don’t think he will adapt very well here. ( probably take him more than 1 season)

These are his comments for his 2010 season :

“It’s clear I had a horrible 2010 from all points of view. I won’t even speak of the injuries that troubled me. But in my private life, my behaviour as a footballer, I went down the wrong roads, I lost myself. I hurt people, people who are very dear to me. I disappointed and even shocked many people and I want to apologise.”

Wenger of course has not made any comments regarding this issue, and I don’t expect him too. But if he actually plans to buy Ribery, then he must have been told by Cesc that the latter wants to leave. And rumour going around that Arsenal are going to offer Sami a new contract just gives more reason to this point of view. Cesc goes out, Sam takes his role, and Franko fills Sami’s shoes.

In other news, Juan Mata is again linked with us. This guy is a versatile player, and in my opinion if it isn’t Franko it should be him.

Phil Jagielka has also been linked with us in the past few days, and if I am not wrong I think the club has made a 10 million pound bid for him.

I really don’t see the point of Jagielka coming to Arsenal. We need a player who is physically very good, not another ‘technical’ one. Samba or Cahill would be a much better option for us than Jagielka, and if the club is ready to shed 10 for this guy, I think paying 2 more for Samba would not be a problem.

Ivan has come out and already stated that the club is working very hard on transfers. I believe the man, but as you know all we have to show for it are 2 signings.

I had written before that the club are close to signing Samba. Well, right now, the same problem still persists i.e. wages. He is being reviewed right now (again), and probably in another week or so will we find out whether the club shall launch an official bid.

Have a great day Gooners, its Koln next…

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