The ‘meeting’ I never imagined would ever happen….

I have written this article as a promise to a friend. So here goes…

On first sight you could never make out if he is a Gooner. Seriously, even I couldn’t.

But after speaking to him about Arsenal, and what it stands for, you will actually realise what it means for some people to be a Gooner. Imagine yourself as a child. Imagine witnessing matches at Highbury. The ground so close to you, your Arsenal players, ‘YOURS’ so close to you. The atmosphere of the ground, its ambience, and the joy. You win together and you lose together.

“Remember, who you are, what you are, and who you play for…that was what we fans wanted to express to our players, and that is what they understood. There has been blood, sweat and tears shed in Highbury, and I have shed blood for that club. We won and lost together, and that was the bond I shared with this club.”

There were 2 of us and 1 of him. I yet don’t know how long I spoke with him, but I didn’t care. The man who was in front of me breathed Arsenal. He breathed the club I loved, and he spoke about them passionately. Just to clarify when I say ‘them’ I mean the players who played at Highbury, not the spineless twats we have now.

“I remember coming back home one day and seeing Highbury being broken down. I began crying that day because I was losing my ‘home.’ Imagine yourself, as a small kid going to the grounds and watching matches. Watching your heroes take the field and play for you.”

As most of you know, there are many Wenger psychofants in the world. I know so many myself. As for this guy, well he was a bit different; he was not a psychofant or a follower of our manager. He was honest and just called what he saw, THE FACTS.

“He is an idiot”

See, I told you he was honest!

I remember he asked me whether I was a member or not. I said ‘No’ because I did not live there. But then, what he told me made me think a bit…

“It doesn’t matter. Sign up for a red member. And then when there are matches, buy tickets and ask any of your friends who are in London to go for them. Of course, ask them to pay you back later. Then after 5-7 years when your turn in queue comes you will be offered silver membership. It took me 5 years to become a silver member.” 

Quite clever, isn’t it ?

We then started talking about the current plight the club was in. From title contenders to 4th. He was the one who went and watched games, so I wondered how he was doing ?

“I have seen many Arsenal matches. But last season for the first time in my life I walked out of the stadium in anger. It was the game against Villa, after Bent’s second goal.”

Could I blame him? We really sucked that day didn’t we?

Now I know that there definitely has been ups and downs in my life as a Gooner. And of course that is a part of life. That is a football fans life – ‘Ups and downs.’ You win some, you lose some.

I read this quote on the internet a few days back. It apparently is the translation of the language spoken in India & it goes something like this (sounds better in the native tongue)

“If you share your sadness, it becomes less, and if you share your happiness it becomes more “

Sharing my feelings with my fellow Gooners, and talking about OUR club is something which I personally love to do. And to do that, in London with a TRUE GOONER just filled me with joy.

IF you ever plan to go to London, and you are a Gooner, make sure you have this on your check list:

Visit Mr. Lewis residing in the tekhall department at Selfridges (which itself if I may add is a brilliant place to see)

Trust me ; He ‘will’ make your day…



PS: Tell him he looks young.

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