Nothings has changed, NOTHING…

Arsenal second match in pre-season came to a very dull end when they were held 1-1 against Hangzhou Green town at the Meihu Stadium today.

We conceded early due to an error from rookie GK Mannone, but equalised before the first half ended thanks to that Carlos Vela.

As for the problems regarding the club, oh where do I start ?

The manager made a few comments yesterday regarding transfers and if he actually believes in what he is saying or even has ANY faith in what he is saying, I think he is on weed.

“I don’t think we are weak defensively, but we are an offensive team. Sometimes that exposes our defenders a bit more than other teams.”

“I believe we have quality defenders. One is Thomas Vermaelen and he did not play last year. In open play, we were one of the better defences [last season], but we conceded too many goals on set-pieces and that is where we want to improve this season.”

His first statement says it all. He admits that we are not weak defensively. BUT if you read the both lines, the inferred meaning is quite the opposite. We are exposed because we are offensive. Well, that is the point of a good defense. Barcelona conceded the lowest number of goals in La Liga last season. They too have a ‘good’ attack, but are they exposed like us.

The second part of the statement is still ‘less hurtful.’ Vermaelen is indeed a quality defender, but with him our entire defense conceded 41 goals 2 seasons ago. Place an apple in a pile of crap does make it smell crappy.  

And as for the last part, that we have been the best defensive side in open play is something which is quite irrelevant. It just shows that we SUCKED at set pieces even more. Being the best in open play and conceding 43 goals, what else will one make of it?

Wenger keeps ridiculous faith in this team. Of course, I don’t know what goes on in your horse-shoe dressing room but even if he did say anything I am sure something would come out in all these years. His continuous rant about how positive things are at the club is clearly becoming a farce, and seriously I do not like it. It makes me sick!

Yes, management takes a lot in people, and seeing our manager’s age it certainly takes a lot out of him. But that being said is not possible for a person of his stature to see what the plain eye sees.

At the end of the 2009-2010 he pointed out the main problem with this Arsenal team was its defense. We let in 41 goals, and he said he would fix it. He did admit that he knew the defense was the problem and that a championship contending side CANNOT afford to concede so many goals.

We want to improve in quality. It is not necessarily a big number of players needed and overall I believe you don’t win the title when you concede 40 goals.”

This season we needed up conceding more goals – 43. Nice promise…


I am currently working on an article which should keep the AKB definitely thinking and I will be out with it in sometime. As a recommendation do see the movie ‘21’ before you read that article.  Now of course, it’s not mandatory, but anyway…

Asia tour over, Germany, here we come !



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