Both Xavi and CESC have been disrespectful to Arsenal….

This weeks story lies mainly in the comments made by Xavi” The Cunt” Hernandez. That Spanish “Chakka” which means 6 (because he wears the no 6) and also eunuch  (in a native indian language)  has come out this week and spoken to the media about the conversations he has had with our beloved captain. Apparently, Cesc wants to leave badly, INFACT he wants to leave VERY BADLY…

Hmmmm, so what does this mean for Arsenal and more importantly for Fabregas. Well, simply putting it, we can draw 2 conclusions to it :

The guy is in such a situation that if he falters even a little bit he is going to get penalised from all directions of the Arsenal sphere.


He’s screwed

Let’s face some facts. Cesc Fabregas is a worthy captain and a top class footballer. He leads the team, and is one of the best players at Arsenal FC, if not the best. He has stayed in this club since he was 16, BUT RIGHT now he WANTS TO GO TO Spain. We all know it, and its better if we just admit it.

Now of course some may refute what I say. They may feel that I am out of my mind and have nothing better to do on a Friday, but let me tell you this. You can say what you want and do what you want, but you can’t hide from the truth. Francesc Fabregas wants to leave the club, and will love the chance to jump ship to FC Barcelona. He does not want to stay, and that is clearly evident from his behaviour and attitude towards us Gooners.


If he ACTUALLY wanted to stay in London, he could have come out and made a statement that would crush all rumours for good. He can easily come out and say that he has no intention to move to Spain and that he is focused on Arsenal. He can at the same time deny what Xavi has said

I spoke to Cesc in Ibiza and he said he was suffering because he wanted to come.

“It’s more like, he did everything he could to come and wants to leave Arsenal, although he made it clear that now everything depends on the selling club.”

But no he won’t. Why ? Well because he knows that this transfer is what he wants. He wants to leave Arsenal, and I say let him go*

If he leaves, Arsenal can have a fresh start ( with experienced players) and only if you do have a fresh start can you achieve something. Built the team around Nasri. His ideal position is CAM. Jack Wilshere is also a rising star. And so is Ramsey. There are ALWAYSoptions.


Firstly, the problem with this transfer is that it WILL both mentally & physically weaken this Arsenal side. Immediately we will be written off as title contenders, and be bullied into “top 4 contenders” IF not worse !

Secondly, Arsenal is built around this man, so if he leaves a massive transformation is required on the pitch.

And the main issue…..

To be honest, with Cesc leaving, the time to refresh and start again is too short.

This transfer should have happened the day the season ended. We would have got money from Cesc, not have to pay 110,000 a week to him anymore and the money obtained could be used to sign Nasri. The problem now is that if WE DO SELL this man, there is not enough time to rebuild the squad. The main question will be “ Who will replace him ?” Followed up shortly by “Will he be a player who already plays for us OR another signing.”  And if it is the latter, then who ? Moreover, even if we identify the latter(Sneijder), “Will he come ?”

I mean look at the amount of time we took to sign Gervinho. And he is YET TO BE UNVIELD !


Cesc should have landed in El prat 2 days after the season ended. A deal should have been done and all would be sorted by now. Now it’s a risk keeping him. He will not play with his heart, and to win you have to do that. Yes, he is a bag of class but because of the situation that class is not the same. He is not the Cesc of old. That guy had Arsenal in his heart, this one, has “Bar”senal…

Yeah, I know it sounds lame but you get my point.

We can only wait and see what comes of this transfer saga. Everyday there are reports that Cesc inches closer to a move, and then the occasional Wenger chant of ” Leave this transfer alone.” Who knows what is going to happen, all we can do is wait…



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11 thoughts on “Both Xavi and CESC have been disrespectful to Arsenal….

  1. Arsenal should sell if he gets less money also.

    He will not be committed to the club from this point.

    But As a Arsenal fans I pray not to happen this bcs bloody stupid wenger will never use that money for good players.

    So if Fab goes it will be a big blow for Arsenal FC (hooo no sorry, blow for Arsenal Fans)


  2. We’ll tht was quite an indepth opinion, my biggest concern is the seriousness of wenger, common we managed to beat barcelona without fabregas in the uefa I believe we can do it now. I would say hez currently a bad ormen in the club. He doesn’t like the club, he is full of negative energy about the club and mst likely this negativity is being spread to the rest of the team. If the club does not win titles then he simply is not good enough. Titles are won by scoring and defending and keeping points. Wenger cnt be the pitch guy, the eleven men team headed by mr captain is supposed to do tht. Now wenger should knw tht this captain of a boy ain’t tht gud if he cnt win period!


  3. Wenger should pls try & find solution 2 d problem on ground coz cesc&samir can at last leave


  4. You never mentioned about the price that Baca want to pay for him. I think that is the reason the transfer has been delayed. Arsenal should give Baca a deadline to pay or never speak with them after that deadline.


  5. You never mentioned about the price that Baca want to pay for him. I think that is the reason the transfer has been delayed. Arsenal should give Baca a deadline to pay or never speak with them after that deadline. If Baca do not agree wt our price, then the deal should not happen.


  6. “If he ACTUALLY wanted to stay in London, he could have come out and made a statement that would crush all rumours for good.”

    This is what i believe too. Cesc is a “traitor” to AFC, all this crxx about not wanting to hurt our feelings or leave in a bad way counts for nothing.
    His transfer saga, i think, was the cause of much dis-array in AFC for the last two seasons, and completely destabilised the players, and if Cesc stays, then Nasri will definately not sign a new contract. We will not win anything with AFC playing around Cesc, as good as he is.
    We need to rebuild the team with multiple ways of playing to suit the current game, look how All teams managed to suss out our way of playing and stop it.
    If AFC continues to build around Cesc, a player that has his heart elsewhere, AFC may as well not bother next season. This is as clear as daylight to me.


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