Embarassed and Ashamed….what else is left ?

Was that the breaking point then? Was yesterdays game at the Britannia the final straw. Will we see change in the club, for the upcoming season ? After watching yesterdays game I was down, and I was depressed and its at that time this ‘sick’ feeling swept through me.

Are you ashamed to say that ‘I am a Gooner.’

Well, I’ll be honest. Yesterday after what I witnessed I did feel that way, and today I don’t have any guilt residing in me. Its weird actually for us fans who support our club week in and week out to feel this way. I know it is hard for people to accept, but in my opinion what I felt yesterday was justified. My team did not perform, well, more importantly they did not try. Even if they tried and performed badly I would still feel alright.

For instance the game at Stamford Bridge this season witnessed us lose 2-0, but we tried. Yesterday was a joke, a huge joke in front of the travelling fans and even worse to the fans in London and the world. Ashamed, and embarrassed to say that I am an Arsenal fan.

I will not stop supporting my club, no I am not so low to do that. Although I know a guy who did, and started supporting the about to be champions, I won’t. I am just disgusted and depressed about our performance yesterday. We play the same football, and now even teams like Stoke can read it…

Its actually becoming a sad situation at Arsenal Football Club. They say we play pretty football but even that is becoming something which opponents know we are going to do. So by default they prepare themselves accordingly. Arsenal play pretty football and yet its the same thing over and over again.

This summer will decide alot. What the future holds for our beloved club. If Wenger continues with his shit, we are going to get royally fcuked, and if he bends his policy even the slightest bit we have a realistic chance for the quadruple.

Any guesses on what he is going to do…



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6 thoughts on “Embarassed and Ashamed….what else is left ?

  1. You expect that he will do something.
    Mr. Writer, U really expect that we will get some good quality players. I don’t….
    This all shit words from wengers in every summer “he will Strengthen the team”
    But what he says at the end, he didn’t find any quality players than he has……
    The fact is , Arsenal FC is not going to win anything in future…… That’s all, we fans should start to accept it.
    Just accept CL birth like our manager and club…


  2. You read my mind. Yesterday for the first time I was embarrassed of my club. Credit to Stoke but for them to out play us and sweep us aside is not acceptable. If it was the first time this season we let ourselves down against the lesser sides I could accept it but sadly its been a running feature and just show’s the majority of our players and our manager have no ambition and really dont care about Arsenal once they pick up their cheques each week.


  3. lol gotto say Djourou has performed an outstanding optical illusion which has duped 90% of Arsenal fans.

    Before he came back we were still shipping goals and as soon as he comes back and has like one or two decent games largely because the defence was untroubled – he’s suddenly our saviour and hero.

    He is a truly awful defender and will always be exposed. Always lets his man run across him, Jones yesterday. Comical for the 3rd, and against bolton he was at it too.

    I always knew how bad he was since he was on loan at birmingham.


  4. Its true about Djourou. Wenger will sit there and tell us time and time again that Arsenal have been in the C L for 25 yrs etc. Why then do we have a team consisting of at least 6 muppets every game. How on earth do some of them get a start? Djourou, Eboue etc in a team with RVP? Gimme a break! Also if Wenger is so fantastic at grooming players how on earth did he manage to take an amazing young rusian and totaly ruin him? The problem is not just money and spending its the Gigantic Lack of Tactics!! look at ferguson draining every last drop of use from that M U team. We have no tactics and dont practice; Shooting, taking corners, taking free kicks, Deffending anything, WE JUST PRACTICE FANCY ONE TOUCH PASSING. wont work, ever


    1. I agree. Wenger has no clue of tactics, its just the crude style of football. Win or lose, its the same thing always…It makes me ponder sometimes whether our wins over the big teams were flukes or not!


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