Enos Stanley (“Stan”) Kroenke has just entered the building…

So Mr. Stan Kroenke arrives at London to finalise a deal which may have his name heard a lot more in North London.

Kroenke’s stake in Arsenal shall rise from 29.9 percent to 62.89 percent after the American agreed to buy shares from fellow directors including Danny Fiszman and Nina Bracewell-Smith.

The deal values the club at 731 million pounds ($1.2 billion).

So what does this mean for our beloved club ?

Well, to be honest I have no clue. But what I can surely expect is that Arsenal shall be travelling to the US quite often now.

As some newspapers report that AW will be given a 60 million pound war chest. Well, these guys really know how to bullshit don’t they. Anyway, let’s play along, assuming that they are speaking the truth now, do you think our beloved manager will spend any of it.

This is what he said pre-season..

“I think we can overcome Chelsea. For a while we were not investing maybe because we had built the stadium but I think our financial situation is now becoming much stronger and we will be capable to buy the players we need to buy.”

“No we cannot compete on wages with Chelsea. That is simple. I believe what is not normal is not our wage bill but their wage bill because that should not be allowed.

“However they cannot all go to Chelsea, it is as simple as that. There are top players outside of the ones Chelsea want to buy who are good enough for us.”

And did you see the amount he spend. Let’s do a quick recap.

About 14 million on 2 defenders. 14 million. You have to add another Kosher + 3 times that to get Fernando Torres’ fee.

Anyway, coming back to the issue, Stan Kroenke in all fairness is a man who says he wishes to maintain the rich philosophy that this club stands for. Well, he says that. Many of us say many things, but do we ever do it. If the barren chase for trophies continues don’t you think the man will do something. After all, it is his club, and it is his will to do whatever he wants with it. If he wants he can sack Wenger, and if he wants he can be his personal bodyguard.

Gazidis did add that

“It’s the end of an era but it’s also the beginning of an era. I don’t think we will see dramatic changes. I do think that Mr Kroenke brings experience in the sports arena. He’s got tremendous experience in the United States and also experience now over here in England.”

I don’t think we will see dramatic changes. Now what exactly does this mean? Does he mean that there will be few changes with could mean alot. For instance, the club could set aside some amount of money for transfers every year. Or does it mean, that Mr.Kroenke’s involvement will men crap.

Mr. Kroenke brings in experience in the sports arena. What experience are we talking about here. The man is an American, who owns a few sports teams which have no relation to Football. He probably calls football ‘soccer.’

I hear he has asked the AST to sell their shares. Thank God they denied it, otherwise whatever involvement the club has with the men who matter the most will be vanquished. Well that was too strong a term, but it’s going to be something like that.

Finally, I cannot comment what exactly Silent Stans intentions are going to be unless we hear his first press conference.  After that we can really see what are this man intentions for Arsenal Football Club. Let’s not forget that he is a businessman and all business men are there for the profit, and name.

However, there is one important thing to note here. AW has approved of the man,

“I have worked with Stan Kroenke at board meetings over the past couple of years and I believe he has the best interests of Arsenal at heart,” said Gunners boss Arsene Wenger.
“He understands the club’s heritage and traditions and our ambition to run the club in a way which protects our long-term future.”

and anyone who he approves must be ‘something.’

So lets just wait and find out…



PS : Sorry to all subscribers, as I forgot to put a ‘title.’

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5 thoughts on “Enos Stanley (“Stan”) Kroenke has just entered the building…

  1. i have been following this saga for a while… i follow his football team in US…. colorado RapidS… he owns denver nuggets of mba, the Rams of nfl, and a hockey team & now the ARSENAL….

    HE IS HANDS OFF…. HE WILL LET WENGER DO HIS JOB, remember ,coach is a money maker….. only team in EPL that posts a profit(net) every year….
    i like this American,very smart and if the ARSENAL do come to the US ,where i live, so much the better…. hope he brings in his experience in management along to help…. i like this change…. again, the Arsenal does it the right way with no debt burden… love it …. let the other clubs sweet it out …. with tons of debt… we are HEALTHY for years to come…..

    SIMILE DKD, all is well at the grove…. 😉


  2. DKD…….to make reading your blog a bit easier on the nerves, try using will instead of shall when you are talking about what is almost certain to happen in the future,ie: ¨that Arsenal will be travelling to the US quite often now,¨ rather than: that Arsenal shall be travelling to the US quite often now.
    shall is the imperative form of the adverb and therefore too strong for most sentences.
    As far as Stan the man goes, he has had success with all his clubs(they call them franchises in north America)and made money as well but he has never saddled them with debt. Hope Arsenal won’t be the exception to the rule. Agree that the AST was wise to refuse to sell their shares. I think the real threat will be from the Fat Russian (Red & White) because he is royally pissed about all of this! got caught with his pants down it seems….


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